14 Rare Antique Vases (Worth, Features & More)

You can spot an antique vase with its age, materials, and plenty of other features. But what makes an antique vase rare and a collector’s favorite is the glimpse of the history, art, and culture that it offers!

If you wish to claim at least one rare and specific type of antique vase, then this article is for you! It discusses everything from history, timeline, manufacturer, and patterns of some of the highest-selling and rarest antique vases!


  • Carnival Glass, French Faience, Cut Glass Crystal, and Silver Metal are some popular antique vase styles priced between $50 and $6000 or more. 
  • The price of an original antique vase from ancient dynasties, like Ming, can cost over $20,000.
  • The Hobnail Milk Glass vase is easily distinguishable, considering its white appearance and glossy finish, which is priced at around $500. 
  • If you come across a NIPPON mark on an antique vase, it is likely to be a Japanese vase dated before 1920.

How to Know If Your Antique Vase Is Worth Money?

Colorful Rare Antique Vases

From smooth edges to the maker’s mark, below are some key points to identify a rare antique vase from common ones.

  • Engraved, inked, or painted maker’s mark on the base. 
  • Visible overmark indicating the vase’s age between 1800 and 1930.
  • Imperfect shapes and symmetry of bodies.
  • Expensive materials, like porcelain, ceramics, glass, bronze, gold, silver, etc.
  • Hand Blown features like slight bubbling in the glass vases. 
  • Mold number or collection name on the stoneware vases. 
  • Artist’s name or initials marked on the vase. 
  • Owned by a historical figure or a part of a limited edition or discontinued collection.

Antique Vases That Are Worth Your Money

Not all vases are worth your precious money, but the ones included in this list are definitely the most valuable antique pieces from around the world.

1. Chinese Ming Dynasty Vase

One of the highest-selling antique vases worldwide is this rare Ming Dynasty Chinese Vase. This specific item is pear-shaped with a long white neck (tucked in a pearly blue design). The bulb bottom is brimming with unique patterns holding special meaning for ancient Chinese society.

Collectible Features:

  • Six hand-painted panels all over the vase
  • Fully-functioning metal mount on the mouth rim
  • Ming dynasty marking with the manufacturing year on the bottom
  • Matte finish
Estimated Price$18,000 – $20,000
Manufacturing Year1573 – 1620 
Style Ming Dynasty 
Height 14 inches (approx.)
Material Used Porcelain (Wanli Kraak)  & Pottery 
Color Blue and White 
Place of Origin China 

2. Antique Rare French Sevres Palatial Jardinière Vase

This palace size beauty from France is one of its kind! This rare antique vase displays a heavy upper body, a thin waist, and a solid base in a square shape. The highlight of this vase is its porcelain body featuring a mesmerizing 360-degree painting surrounded by gilded leaves.

Unique Features to Verify:

  • Base with a rotating mechanism used 
  • Hand-painted maiden & cherubs all around the body 
  • A broad, decorated bronze rim at the mouth
  • Signed by artist “Maxant”
Estimated Price$18,000
Manufacturing Year1880
Style French
Item’s Height34 inches (Approx.)
Material Used Porcelain, Bronze
Color Blue, Golden, & Pastel Colors for Scenery
Place of OriginFrance

3. Sterling Silver Metal Vase

This hour-glass-shaped solid silver vase is both delicate and heavy as it glows with heavy carvings of leaves and flowers in 3D style. The solid sterling silver composition also makes this exquisite metal vase a high selling antique.

Collectible Features:

  • Intricate floral motifs running all over 
  • A round base with stair-step pattern 
  • Decorative pattern 
  • 17-inch height 
Estimated Price$4000 – $5000
Manufacturing Year1900 – 1940 
Style 3D Style Vase 
Item’s Height & Weight17 inches and 6 lbs (Approx.)
Material Used Solid Silver 
Color Silver 
Place of Origin Kashmir

4. English Late Victorian Porcelain Vase 

This is truly an ornamental piece with a bulb-shaped figure and hand-painted floral patterns in blue and aqua green. The highlight of this late English Victorian vase is the gilt work shining on its edges and outlines.

Unique Features:

  • Completely hand-made/designed 
  • Swirled handles embossed with golden work on the sides 
  • Scalloped top 
  • Registered number marked on the bottom 
Estimated Price$900- $1,000
Manufacturing Year1884
Style Victorian 
Item’s Length 16 inches  (approx.)
Materials Used Pottery/Porcelain  
Color Blue with shades of green & golden motifs 
Place of Origin United Kingdom 

5. German Dresden Vases Helena Wolfsohn

This 19th-century pair of German Dresden vases is flanked by hand-gilded pastoral imagery on one side and floral designs on the other. These vases were handpainted at the famous Helena Wolfsohn studio, which alone makes it rare and valuable.

Unique Features to Spot: 

  • Sleek neck with round bottom 
  • Distinct gold flowery patterns running on the edges
  • Rich and broad golden rims on the mouths
  • Hand-painted AR back stamp (used in the 1800s)
Estimated Price$800 – $1,000
Manufacturing YearCirca 1870
BrandDresden German
Style Hand gilded/painted 
Materials Used Bone china 
Color Multi-colored 
Place of Origin Germany 

6. French Faience Wall Hanging Vase

This is an original French Faience antique vase exhibiting two cherubs hanging by green foliage and gazing towards the earth. The hand-painted scenery on the vase displays a lady walking on an empty road, surrounded by colorful figs and flowers.

Notable Features to Verify: 

  • Longer than a typical vase 
  • Handcrafted and hand-painted with pastel colors
  • Highly detailed relief floral decoration made of putti
  • The cherub on the left has brown hair, while the right one has blonde hair
Estimated Price$2500 – $3000
Manufacturing Year1800s
Style French Wall Hanging Vase
Item’s Weight  8 lbs 
Material Used Faience 
Color Multi-colored 
Place of Origin France 

7. Antique Cut Glass Crystal Vase 


This brilliant-cut glass crystal vase exhibits a blooming flower pattern running from top to bottom on one side and big X’s design on the other side of the stem. Whimsical stars, elevated dot panels, and diamond shapes decorate the rest of the vase.

Special Features:

  • Flared top and bottom 
  • Long body with alternating cut glass patterns of sharp petals, diamonds, stars, raised dots, & geometrical shapes
  • Huge flower pattern carved at the base 
  • Detailed lined thumb-print pattern around the vase’s mouth 
Estimated Price$800 – $1000
Manufacturing Year19th Century 
Style American Brilliant Cut 
Item’s Height 15 inches (approx.)
Materials Used Glass Crystal
Color Transparent 
Place of Origin Egypt 

8. Rare Moser Bohemian Green Glass Mantle Vase

This Moser glass mantel vase impresses with its uniquely shaped hand blown body, long ribbed neck, and round bottom. But it’s the ruffled, scalloped mouth shining with golden paint and the detailed gilded floral patterns on the panels that steal the show!

Interesting Features: 

  • Five thick glass ribs running across the vase’s height
  • Intricate floral and scrolling patterns with golden enamel
  • Signs of handblown make like visible bubbles and seams
Estimated Price$600
Manufacturing Time Period19th Century
Brand Unbranded
Item’s Length14 inches (approx.)
Materials Used Bohemian Moser Glass
Color Green, Golden
Place of Origin N/A

9. Depression Era Extremely Rare McCoy Poppy Planter Vase 

This super rare McCoy Poppy Planter Vase is designed like an exquisite Poppy flower that brims amid green leaves and brown branches right behind it. This vintage piece instantly impresses with its vibrant pink color, detailed floral design, and ultra-glossy shine.

Interesting Features: 

  • High glossy finish 
  • Medium-sized mid-century modern style
  • McCoy USA marking on the bottom 
Estimated Price$500 – $600
Manufacturing Year1955 
Brand McCoy 
Item’s Length8 inches (approx.)
Materials Used Ceramic 
Color Pink with shades of green and brown 
Place of Origin United States 

10. Fine Rib Amethyst Carnival Glass Vase 


With its decorative features and lustrous rainbow-like color patterns, the gorgeously hued round Fenton vase holds a high value. Besides, it is an original vintage piece from Edwardian Era, and thus, a collector’s favorite.

Special Features:

  • Iridescence with six-point flames 
  • Amethyst interior 
  • Decorative patterns from Edwardian Era 
  • Ruffled, wavy mouth with shiny metallic border
Estimated Price$200 – $300
Manufacturing Year1910
Style Carnival Glass
Item’s Height 16 inches (approx.)
Materials Used Glass 
Color Blue Iridescent 
Place of Origin United States  

11. Fenton Hobnail Milk Glass Vase 

This Hobnail Milk Glass vase boasts a simple design and milky white surface with a glossy sheen and hobnail pattern. The most attractive feature of this antique piece, however, is its wide mouth with unevenly curved edges at the mouth.

Special Features:

  • A small circular base 
  • Raised hobnail pattern running from middle to lower body 
  • Long lines spreading through the lower body and the base 
Estimated Price$100-$150 
Manufacturing Year1970s 
Style Milk Glass 
Brand Fenton 
Item’s Height 14 inches (approx.)
Material Used Glass
Color White 
Place of Origin United States

12. Art Deco Roseville Pottery Style Vase

A very rare Roseville Pottery Velmoss II Vase in a highly desirable glazing blue color is just what you need to upgrade your collection. It comes with two pointy handles on either side, and its round mouth is surrounded by yellowish-green leaves, enhancing its beauty.

Interesting Features:

  • Art Deco style in blue glaze 
  • Green and yellow leaves cascading from top to bottom 
  • Roseville Pottery label visible on the bottom 
Estimated Price$200- $300 
Manufacturing Year1935 
Style Art Deco 
Item’s Height 6 and a half inches (approx.)
Material Used Pottery 
Color Blue 
Place of Origin Ohio, United States 

13. Hand Holding Glass Torch Antique Vase 

The USP of this Victorian-style vase lies in its unique design of a hand holding a torch or horn. The ruffled mouth and patterns on the torch (vase) are decorated with golden gilt. This spotless green glass antique stands on a firm base which too displays intricate floral designs painted in gold.

Attractive Features: 

  • Ruffled pattern 
  • A few air bubbles in the glass but no marking
Estimated Price$100 – $200
Manufacturing Year1870-1880s 
Style Victorian 
Item’s Weight 1 lb 
Material Used Glass 
Color Green 
Place of Origin United Kingdom, United States, Bohemia 

14. Haeger Arts and Crafts Era Vase


This breathtaking Haeger vase has thrived since the Arts and Crafts era! and is nearly 100 years old. Its glazed turquoise color, satin matte appearance, and unique flared top add class and charm to its quality and, thus, attract a high value.

Special Features: 

  • Two square handles 
  • Golden diamond-shaped label with the company’s name on the bottom 
  • Simple ribbing design from top to middle
Estimated Price$60  – $100
Manufacturing YearEarly 1930s
Style Haeger Art Pottery 
Item’s Height 7.25 inches (approx.)
Material Used Ceramic 
Color Turquoise 
Place of Origin United States 

Now that you know how to spot antique vases worth the money, we’re sure you will get the best deals on your next purchase or sale. So, go to your nearest thrift or antique store and get your hands on the most valuable vintage vase today! And if you’re looking for more rare collectibles, check out my rare antique dishes and rare figurines listicles!

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