Old Hess Trucks Values & Features (Year-Wise Price Guide)

Did you know that the first Hess truck toy sold for only $1.30? But today, these vintage toys with HESS logos can be worth a small fortune of a few hundred dollars!

Since Hess Corporation has issued a new toy truck every year since 1964, finding the exact price of an old Hess truck based on its release year is challenging.

But this guide will simplify it for you! It’ll help you find the true value of each vintage Hess truck and mini truck. You will also learn to identify Hess trucks by their release years and key features!

Brief History of Hess Trucks & What Makes Them Collectible

Although Hess Corporation is an oil and gas company, it has been an unbeatable Holiday vehicle toy manufacturer for over 50 years. The company, then known as Amerada Corporation, was established in 1919 by Leon Hess.

Inspired by his own professional truck-driving and oil delivery experience, Leon Hess started making Hess toy trucks in 1964 to be sold at Hess gas stations. These toys became a hit among kids as well as adults.

Since then, the company has been an integral part of American holiday traditions, releasing a new toy truck every year. These Hess toys have been a treasured charm for every vintage toy collector.

Vintage Hess Truck Value by Years

Hess Corp has issued over 50 truck models since its first 1964 truck. In addition, it started releasing mini trucks in 1998. Generally, the older 1960s and 1970s Hess toy trucks are more valuable than the ‘80s, ‘90s, and 2000s models.

Generally, all Hess trucks have common features, like working lights, hoses, and the iconic green, white, red, and yellow color theme. Here’s a year-wise list of all Hess toy trucks made from 1964 to 2010, with their key features and values.

1. 1960s Hess Trucks:

The legacy of collectible Hess toy trucks started when the company made its first replica truck in 1964 – 1965. In the late ’60s, it made other tankers and voyage trucks. The 1960s Hess trucks are most valuable for collectors, worth $500 – $2,000.

1. 1964 and 1965 Hess Gasoline Tanker

Made as a true replica of Hess’ real gasoline tanker, the 1964 truck has a funnel to fill the tanker and a rubber hose to drain it. The 1965 tanker truck was the same version of the 1964 Hess truck with more realistic details of the Hess’ B-Mack Tanker Truck.

Estimated Value: Due to limited production of only 150,000 pieces, 1964 Hess trucks are the most valuable trucks, worth $500 – $2,000. For example, a packed Hess 1964 Tanker Truck sold for $2,000 on eBay!

2. 1966 Hess Voyager

This toy voyager looks just like a real ship with its detailed ship deck, funnel, working red and green stern LED lights, and starboard. It’s painted in classic Hess colors and features minor details like anchors, moving propellers, flags, etc.

Estimated Value: Depending on the condition and original boxes, 1996 Hess Toy Ships sell for $300 – $1,000. 

3. 1967 Hess Red Velvet Truck

Manufactured by Marx Toy Company, this 18-wheeler Hess tanker truck is popular for its “Red Velvet Display Base” in the box. Like the previous truck models, it also features a hose, lights, and unique split windows.

Estimated Value: A 1967 Hess Red Velvet Truck can be worth up to $1,000 – $2,500 in good condition with original packaging. 

4. 1968 Hess Amerada Truck

This truck is similar to the 1967 Red Velvet Truck, except the “red box display” was changed back to the standard white display. You’ll see Hess decals on the hose and tanker and the iconic colors of Hess.

Estimated Value: A 1968 Hess Truck can fetch $100 – $500, based on condition. 

5. 1969 Hess Amerada Tanker Truck

The 1969 Hess truck is a reissued version of the 1968 truck without any major design or accessory variations. You will see the “AMERADA HESS” decal on this truck.

Estimated Value: Surprisingly, a 1969 Hess truck sold for $1,200 on eBay. Generally, these trucks are worth around $100 – $400. 

2. 1970s Hess Trucks

In the ‘70s, Hess introduced impressive replicas of its iconic full-fledged fire trucks and box trailer trucks, apart from the tanker trailers. These 19070s Hess truck toys can sell for $100 – $500, depending on rarity.

1. 1970 and 1971 Hess Fire Truck

Modeled on real fire trucks from the Hess gas station and refineries, the 1970 – 71 toy trucks were painted red with silver accents. They also feature two removable water hoses and a rotating red light dome at the cab’s top.

The only difference between the 1970 and 1971 Fire trucks is that the latter had white boxes with season greeting stickers instead of the original Hess graphics.

Estimated Value: The price of 1970 and 1971 Hess Fire Trucks generally range from $100 – $400 with boxes, but a rare model, with the original ‘Pump Topper Bubble Display,’ sold for $570

2. 1972 – 1974 Hess Tanker Trucks

The 1972 and 1974 Hess tanker trailer trucks are the same as the 1960s tanker trucks, except for the rounder tanker feet. The company didn’t manufacture any toy trucks in 1973.

Estimated Value: The 1972-74 Hess trucks are valued at around $150 – $350 in mint condition with boxes. 

3. 1975 Hess Box Trailer Truck

Hess’s first box trailer toy truck features miniature detachable oil barrels, sliding doors on the box trailer, and working LED lights on the front and back.

Estimated Value: A 1975 Hess box trailer truck is worth around $100 – $300. 

4. 1976 Hess Box Trailer Truck

The 1976 Hess truck is almost identical to the 1975 truck, with two visible differences. The first one is the “HESS” decals on the oil barrels and an exhaust pipe in the front.

Estimated Value: The average price of 1976 Hess trucks in good condition is $50 – $200. 

5. 1977 Hess Fuel Oil Tanker

The 1977 Hess truck is the first of the fuel tankers series. It features an oil tanker and cab with chrome accents and white grills on the front. Other cool features are the “Amerada Hess” marking on the wheels, lights, and a removable hose.

Estimated Value: The 1977 Hess tanker trucks usually sell for $50 – $200 with boxes. 

6. 1978 Hess Fuel Tanker

This truck stands out with its prominently bolder letterings in the “HESS” decal at the back. The rest of its features are the same as the 1977 truck.

Estimated Value: The 1978 Hess Toy Tanker Truck is worth only $30 – $150. 

3. 1980s Hess Trucks

Apart from new models and truck banks, the ’80s also saw the first two-in-one truck model with a racing car. Among these, most Hess trucks can be worth up to $10 – $50, while some rare models fetch up to $100 – $200.

1. 1980 Hess Training Van

The first Hess training van featured a shiny white body with black, green, and chrome accents and illuminated HESS decals. You’ll find a working side door, large windows with wipers, and orange caps at the top.

Estimated Value: The 1980 Hess training vans can easily fetch $50 – $220 in excellent condition. 

2. 1982 and 1983 Hess Trucks (The First Hess Truck)

This truck is inspired by a fuel truck the company’s founder, Leon Hess, drove himself in his career. Apart from Hess’ standard colors, this truck has working lights, operating doors, a windshield, and a well-decorated cab interior.

Estimated Value: The price of 1982 and 1983 Hell trucks ranges from $20 to $80. 

3. 1984 Hess Oil Tanker Bank

This truck cum money bank looks exactly like the 1977 Hess truck. But the company reissued it as a piggy bank by adding a coin-inserting slot on the top of the trailer.

Estimated Value: The 1984 Hess trucks usually sell for $10 – $90, even with original packaging. 

4. 1985 The First Hess Truck Bank

The 1985 Hess truck is the First 1982 Hess Truck model modified into a bank. This truck has a button or knob at the back, which opens the coin slot when you turn it.

Estimated Value:  The 1985 Hess bank trucks are worth around $10 – $50. 

5. 1986 Hess Fire Truck

This fire truck looks exceptional with its expandable three-sectioned white ladder hinged at the top. The truck has a bright red body with chrome accents all over and a working red light on the top of the cab.

Besides, it’s also a money bank truck with a coin slot below the ladder.

Estimated Value: The average price of a 1986 Hess fire truck bank is $15 – $125. 

6. 1987 Hess Trailer Truck

The 1987 truck marked the end of dark green-themed trucks. It’s an 18-wheeler bank truck toy with a bright white body, green and chrome decorations, and red wheels.

You’ll also find three oil barrels with HESS decals and a sliding door. The coin slot is at the top, and the bank door is at the back of the trailer, which functions with a red knob on it.

Estimated Value: Generally, the 1987 Trailer Truck Banks sells for $10 – $70.

7. 1988 Hess Truck w/ Racer

This truck was a real treat for kids and adults alike, as it’s the first model to come with two toy vehicles as well as license plates with manufacturing years. Yes, the 1988 Hess trailer truck comes with a matching white-green friction racing car on its trailer.

Estimated Value: The 1988 Hess trucks sell for $10 – $40. 

8. 1989 Hess Fire Truck

This truck is similar to the 1986 fire truck, except the colors are different. The 1989 fire truck has a white body with green letterings and a red extendable ladder. Another unique feature is its two-tone siren.

Estimated Value: The 1989 Hess fire trucks are worth only $5 – $35, even with original packaging. 

4. 1990s Hess Trucks

The 1990s series of Hess trucks has everything from tanker trailers, emergency trucks, police cars, and transport trucks. But being newer, their values usually fall between $10 and $50.

1. 1990 Hess Fuel Truck

The 1990 tanker truck looks stunning with its lighted HESS logos. This model also had an upgraded lighting and sound system with a total of 34 lights (white, red, & yellow) and alert and horn sounds.

Estimated Value: A 1990 Hess gasoline tanker truck commonly sells for under $40. 

2. 1991 Hess Truck w/ Car

Almost similar to the 1988 Hess car-carrying truck model, the 1991 Hess Car Hauler truck offers a newly designed race car.

Estimated Value: The 1991 Hess car hauler truck will fetch around $10 – $30 in good condition. 

3. 1992 Hess 18-Wheeler Car Truck

This one is an enclosed 18-wheeler hauler truck with a Porsche-based friction race car inside. In fact, it’s the first model in which the car has its own working lights and illuminated logos.

Besides, you will also find a large window on both sides of the trailer and a vehicle ramp on the back.

Estimated Value: The average cost of the 1992 Hess Holiday Truck is $5 – $30. 

4. 1993 Hess Patrol Car

To surprise all Hess truck fans, the company released its first car in 1993. This patrol car features a unique two-tone siren and red-blue lights with different lighting sequences. You’ll also find lighted HESS logos.

Estimated Value: The 1993 Hess police truck generally sells for $10 – $30, but one car sold for $65 with its original paperwork and box.

In 1993, Hess also launched the new Premium Diesel Tanker Truck with illuminated logos and sounds. This limited-series truck can easily sell for $200 to $400 today!

5. 1994 Hess Rescue Truck

The first rescue truck from Hess, this model stands out with its three types of sounds: emergency siren, alert, and horn. Besides, it has an expandable red ladder and red lights on the top.

Estimated Value: 1994 Rescue trucks with new original boxes generally cost $5 – $30.

6. 1995 Hess Truck w/ Helicopter

This truck is the first Hess truck with a flat trailer with siding ramps. But what made it more popular was the helicopter toy on the trailer. The helicopter toy features a searchlight, beacon lights, and realistic spinning rotors.

Estimated Value: The 1995 Hess Truck usually fetches $10 – $50.

7. 1996 Emergency Truck

This 1996 Hess truck looks quite different from previous emergency or fire trucks. Apart from the red extendible sectional ladder, the tall searchlight on the rear side is what makes it unique. You’ll also find three sound effects and flashing lights.

Estimated Value: 1996 Hess Emergency Trucks sell for $5 – $30 in good condition. 

8. 1997 Hess Truck w/ Two Cars

This is another transport truck, but the first one to have three toys: a truck with two racecars. One car is painted green with white stripes, and the other one is painted white with green lines, while both have working lights.

You’ll also see four windows on the trailer with a loading ramp at the back.

Estimated Value: The price of a 1997 Hess truck is usually under $40 or $50. 

9. 1998 Hess Recreation Van & 1998 Mini Tanker Truck

This is another 3-in-1 Hess model. But what makes this Hess RV the first of its kind is the motorcycle toy included in it.

So, you’ll find a friction motorcycle and a dune buggy car inside the RV, both with lights and sounds. The truck has a side door with a ramp for the bike and a backdoor with a ramp for the car.

Estimated Values: Generally, a 1998 Hess RV is worth around $5 – $30. But an extremely rare transparent 1998 Mini Hess Truck sold for $4,200 on eBay! 

1998 Mini Tanker Truck: In 1998, Hess also released the first model of its miniature truck series, the 1998 Mini Tanker Truck, with lights and realistic details. These 1998 mini tanker trucks are worth $10 – $40. 

10. 1999 Hess Truck w/ Space Shuttle & 1999 Mini Fire Truck

The 1999 Hess truck is a flatbed truck like the 1995 model, but the flattrailer carries a huge space shuttle instead of a car. You’ll find moving bay doors, working lights, solar panels, and a satellite on the spacecraft.

Estimated Values: The average price of a 1999 Hess truck is only around $5 – $25. 

1999 Hess Mini Fire Truck: This mini truck looks realistic with its red body, a white ladder on top, and working lights. The average value of a 1999 mini fire truck is under $15. 

5. 2000s Hess Trucks

The company shifted to mostly combo truck models in the 2000s, along with the mini truck series. Being newer, the 2000s Hess trucks are worth between $10 – $50. The mini trucks sell for less than $20, with high prices for very rare Hess special edition trucks.

1. 2000 Hess Fire Truck and 2000 Mini First Hess Truck

The first millennial Hess truck is a new tractor-trailer-style fire truck with a red aerial ladder that can move 360 degrees. In addition, it has detachable side ladders, working headlights, taillights, chrome accents, and emergency lights that operate with siren sounds.

Estimated Value: 2000 Hess fire trucks can sell for $10 – $30 in excellent condition.

2000 Mini First Hess Truck: This is the miniature version of the 1982 Hess truck and is worth only $3 – $15. 

2. 2001 Hess Helicopter and 2001 Mini Hess Racer Transport

This is the first model of the Hess Helicopter series that comes with a land cruiser car and a motorcycle inside the dual-rotor shipping helicopter toy. The helicopter has a searchlight and opening doors with pull-out ramps.

Estimated Value: The 2001 Hess Helicopter generally sells for $5 – $20 and rarely for $50 – $60.

2001 Mini Hess Racer Transport: This is the miniature version of the 1991 Hess toy truck and racer model with working lights. Common 2001 mini Hess trucks are worth only up to $10, but a rare chrome mini truck and racer sold for $2,125 on eBay!

3. 2002 Hess Truck w/ Airplane and 2002 Mini Hess Voyager

Looking similar to the 1995 helicopter trailer truck, the 2002 Hess 18-wheeler truck comes with a motorized airplane on its trailer. The airplane is stamped “Hess 2002” and features rotating propellers, lights, and folding wings.

Estimated Value: The 2002 Hess transport trucks are usually worth only $10 – $40.

2002 Mini Hess Voyager: This is a finely detailed mini truck version of the 1966 Hess Voyager. A 2001 mini Hess Voyager only sells for $1 – $10. 

4. 2003 Hess Truck w/Race Cars and 2003 Mini Hess Patrol Car

This truck model features a double-decker box trailer and Hess’ first formula race cars with a reverse pulling mechanism. It also has a vertical sliding door at the back with a ramp. One car is green with white decorations, and the other is white.

Estimated Value: A 2003 Hess truck with racecars only fetches $5 – $20.

2003 Mini Hess Patrol Car: This scaled-down version of Hess’s first 1993 Patrol Car has a friction mechanism and flashing lights. These mini police cars are worth $3 – $20. 

5. 2004 Hess Utility Car w/ Motorcycles and 2004 Mini Hess Tanker

On its 40th anniversary, Hess released a Utility Van (SUV) with two friction-powered motorcycles, one white and the other green. Both bikes had lights, and the van featured chrome detailing on the front, a pull-out ramp, and a push-button rear door.

Estimated Value: The 2004 Hess SUV generally fetches only $10 – $40.

2004 Mini Hess Tanker Truck: This miniature replica of Hess’s first 1964 Tanker Truck with the classic dark green, red, and yellow theme fetches up to $12. 

6. 2005 Hess Emergency Truck w/ Rescue Vehicle and 2005 Mini Helicopter

This 2-in-1 Hess model is a bonus for collectors as it features a stylish bright red emergency truck with a friction-powered rescue van in its trailer. Both toys have working lights, while the truck also has a white ladder on top, three sound effects, and an opening back door with a ramp.

Estimated Value: You can expect an average price of $15 – $40 for a 2005 Hess emergency truck in fine condition.

2005 Mini Helicopter: This is the first miniature model with a motorized mechanism and the first aircraft in the mini-series. This 2005 mini helicopter is valued at under $10. 

7. 2006 Hess Transport Truck and 2006 Mini Hess 18-wheeler

The 2006 Hess Carrier Truck looks like a modern semi truck with a flatbed trailer and a motorized helicopter on it. This helicopter has working rotors and landing lights.

Estimated Value: The average value of a 2006 Hess truck with a helicopter is $10 – $40. 

2006 Mini Hess 18 Wheeler & Racer: This mini toy truck is a small version of the 1992 Hess Holiday truck worth less than $20. 

8. 2007 Hess Monster Truck and 2007 Mini Rescue Truck

Hess released its first monster truck in 2007 with two realistic friction motorcycles in its trunk, one white and one green. This truck looks rugged with the fire decals on its body, chrome bumper, handles, and a flashing bar light on the top.

Estimated Value: A 2007 Hess Monster Truck (mint-in-box) is worth around $15 – $50. 

2007 Mini Hess Rescue Truck: The mini replica of the iconic 1994 Hess Rescue Truck with telescopic ladder and lights sells for $1 – $10. But a 2007 chrome Hess mini rescue version sold for $900 on eBay!

9. 2008 Hess Truck with Loader and 2008 Hess Mini Rescue Van

This Hess model features a heavy-duty off-road truck and a mini front-end loader with white and green themes and chrome accents. The main toy truck is equipped with 38 lights and three sound effects, while the loader has a rotating shovel with hydraulic sounds.

Estimated Value: A 2008 Hess truck & front loader can be valued at around $15 – $55. 

2008 Mini Rescue Van: This 2008 miniature RV is modeled on the 1998 Recreation Van and is worth around $5 – $15.

10. 2009 Hess Race Car & Racer and 2009 Mini Hess Transport

The 2009 Hess model is the first to offer two race cars, a big white racer with a green reverse-pull mini racer in its rear hidden compartment. The white car has three types of sounds: ignition, horn, and acceleration, while the mini racer has only lights.

Estimated Value: The 2009 Hess racer and race car is worth $10 – $40 with mint boxes. 

2009 Mini Hess Space Shuttle Transport: This truck is a miniature duplicate of the 1999 Hess transport truck. It generally fetches $1 – $25, but a rare 2009 chrome Hess space shuttle truck sold for $2,250!

11. 2010 Hess Truck & Jet and 2010 Mini Hess Fire Truck

In 2010, Hess released a transport truck with its first jet plane toy based on the F-22 Raptor. Like the truck, the jet plane has different motional sounds and 13 flashing lights. You’ll also see landing gear on the plane.

Estimated Value: The average price of the 2010 Hess Truck and Jet model is $8 – $40.

2010 Mini Hess Fire Truck: Modeled on the 2000 Hess fire truck, the 2010 mini truck is valued at under $20. 

Hess Corp. has continued releasing new toy trucks with magnificent features and build quality every year. The company has released everything from space cruisers and dragsters to dump trucks and ambulances, all with working push-button lights and sound effects.

In 2014, the company also released its limited edition 50th Anniversary truck. However, these modern Hess truck toys are generally worth only $10 – $15.

Hess toy trucks are definitely a collectible charm, but they’re not alone in the race of toy trucks. Old Tonka trucks also have a huge fanbase of vintage lovers. Check out our vintage Tonka trucks value guide to learn more about them!

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