Lladro Figurines Value Guide 2024 (Age, Styles, & More)

Valuable antiques aren’t detailed & intricate every time! Sometimes, even the simplest showpiece items, such as the Lladro figurines, fetch good returns when identified correctly!

In fact, some of the rarest & retired Lladro figurines can fetch up to $64,000 in the antiques market! Sounds crazy, right?

Well, Lladro motifs have always flaunted such a high value due to their branded & hand-painted designs. But their final resale cost also changes significantly due to their age, designs, colors, and many more features, as mentioned in the following value guide!

Key Takeaways

  • Branded features like stamped logos, barcodes, artist’s signs, and maker marks raise the value of old Lladro figurines.
  • Among the ten main themes of vintage Lladro figurines, the handmade classic, elite, religious, and angel themes cost more, usually up to $3,000.
  • You can use different ‘Made in Spain,’ ‘Valencia,’ or ‘DIASA’ marks to track your Lladro figurine’s age & value.
  • Apart from the regular white & yellow Lladro figurines, even the red, black & brown figurines value up to $2,500.

What Features Raise the Demand & Cost of Old Lladro Figurines?

Old Lladro Figurines

Old Lladro figurines already cost about $200 – 3,000 because of their brand & hard-paste porcelain finish. But your sculpture might cost more if it has the following features:

  • A slightly textured or polished porcelain finish with in-laid or engraved details
  • Detailed motifs & designs from nature, everyday life, myths, or regional legends
  • Original signs and maker marks like the Bellflower logo
  • Realistic clothing, accessories, and expressions
  • A printed price tag with the figurine’s name, barcode & logo
  • Original cobalt blue stamps and incised numbers on the base
  • A hollow, firing hole at the bottom

When & How Did Branded Lladro Figurines Evolve?

Since its inception as a part-time family business in 1953, Lladro faced some strategic ups & downs as follows:

  • 1953 – 1958: Juan, Jose & Vicente Lladro, a group of three brothers, started their figurine business in Almàssera, Spain. First, they sold their sculptures through door-to-door marketing, but later, they opened their first shop in Valencia, Spain.
  • 1960: The Lladro brothers focused on more figurine themes, blending elements from European furniture, nature, mythology & religion. And since they had more SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) & inventory, they opened more shops in Barcelona & Japan.
  • 1970s: The Lladros switched to handpainted global motifs & pastel hues. Slowly and steadily, they opened some franchises in the USA & Puerto Rico. Also, the company introduced machine-made frosted, stained or terra-toned sculptures.
  • 1990s: Lladro Figurines established more factories in Tianjin (China), Thailand & Asia. Later, they finalized their trade alliance with Waterford Wedgwood Group PLC, which helped them launch their first direct sales channel – ‘Llado Emotion.’

10 Types of Lladro Figurine Themes & Their Resale Values

Different Types of Vintage Lladro Figurines

By the 1960s, the Lladro brothers started mimicking regional, natural & mythology patterns in their figurines. This led to the six unique collections and themes as follows:

Antique Lladro Figurine ThemesKey Features & MotifsEraEstimated Value
Classic CollectionRealistic children, couple, or family figurines with pastel hues, clothes & expressions1950s – 2000s$50 – 3,000
Gres CollectionFeatures natural farm animals or people figurines with earth-colored, brown finishes1965 – 1990s$100 – 1,500
Elite CollectionUses intricate historical, royal, period, or nautical sculptures1970 – 2000s$30 – 2,000
Zodiac CollectionZodiac-themed figurines for each sign – Libra, Taurus, Gemini, etc.1970s – Present$70 – 800
Angel CollectionDetailed angel figurines, each with a wand, wreath, or other flowers1960s – Present$30 – 3,000
Religious CollectionHandmade figurines depicting Lord Jesus, the Lady or Lourdes, or other holy inscriptions on a pedestal base1970s – Present$50 – 7,000
Don Quixote SeriesThemed Don Quixote novel figurines featuring the main character Don Quixote and his faithful squire1970s – Present$200 – 2,000
Bride & Groom SeriesRealistic  bride & groom figurines with ivory, cream, or light pink clothes, gifts, and other romantic settings1980s – Present$50 – 500
Ballerina FigurinesHand-painted pastel figurines with pointed feet and ballet-inspired clothing & hairstyles1950s$100 – 2,500
Clown CollectionFunky & whimsical figurines with bold-colored clothes, caps, and eye makeup1960s$50 – 1,500

6 Main Factors to Identify & Appraise a Vintage Lladro Figurine

Now, let’s check how different factors like the figurine’s age, finish & style affect its final value:

1. Vintage Lladro Figurines Age & Marks

It’s worth noting that antique Lladro figurines from different eras have different features and marks. For instance, the earliest 1950s sculptures have simple, etched designs, while the later ones flaunt their logos & symbols.

But do such minor changes affect your figurine’s cost? Let’s check!

Get a magnifying glass and observe & note all the etched marks and text on your figurine’s base, walls, or sides. Then match it with the following table for estimated prices:

Old Lladro Figurine YearsAgeTop Collectible FeaturesIdentifying MarksAverage Value
1950s64 – 73 yearsSimple, basic figurines with white or yellowish surfaces, matte finishes, and brushed or coarse textures‘Made in Spain,’ ‘Valencia,’ & ‘Espanna’ logos$100 – 7,000
1960s54 – 63 yearsIntricate children, animal, bird, or regional Spanish figurines with pastel hues and rough porcelain finishesThe Bellflower logo (without the word ‘Espana’$100 – 3,000
1970s44 – 53 yearsReligious or historical figurines with raised pedestals & Gres (matte brown) finishes“Lladró Gres Made in Spain” or DAISA (Diseños Artisticos E Industriales) stamp$30 – 2,000

Try to get large, 12-18 inch figurines with handmade pedestals or plinths for an old make. Also, look for minor aging signs like fading, discoloration & scratches.

2. Antique Lladro Figurine Finishes

Antique Lladro Figurines

Old Lladro figurines might have defined & precise hard-paste porcelain cores, but they have so many finishes that affect their condition & worth today!

From matte paints & golden accents to high gloss glazing & prints, each carries tremendous antique value, as shown below:

Antique Lladro FinishesHow to Identify Them? Average Cost
Hand-painted FinishesLook for brushed enamel or oil paint strokes with pastel hues and smooth, matte finishes$50 – 2,000
Gold & Silver AccentsGold or silver plated border accents, especially around the head, clothes, and jewelry$100 – 5,000
Glazed FigurinesSmooth & reflective finishes, often with pastel hues and glittery pigments$30 – 3,000

Avoid getting Lladro figurines with new-age or mechanically honed finishes, as they have a lower demand today.

3. Old Lladro Figurine Styles

Chinese Lladro Figurines

Vintage Lladro figurines were made worldwide. So, each borrowed unique designs from the regional Art movements, leading to various figurine styles – Colonial, Italian, Chinese, etc.

And all of them have different features, colors, and themes that affect their cost. Let’s see how!

Vintage Lladro Figurine StylesSpecial FeaturesEstimated Cost
Colonial & VictorianIntricate and carved figurines with everyday cooking or cleaning scenes, hairstyles, accessories$60 – 700
Art Nouveau EraCurved and patterned figurines with soft pastel and translucent hues$30 – 1,500
Art DecoSleek & geometric figurines with white, gold, or silver accents and partly machine-made forms$100 – 4,000
Georgian & RococoFloral and natural figurines with fish, animal, or vine motifs, greenish tones, and glossy finishes$30 – 3,000
Spanish & RenaissanceBold & sitting figurines with religious or biblical scenes, saints & historical references. Might have typical Spanish Tudor-style backdrops, too$70 – 2,000
Romanticism & EuropeanLook for typical French, Italian, or English tea-party figurines with typical light-pink or cream hues and floral or countryside-themed pedestals$50 – 400

Pick vintage Lladro figurines with original ‘Made in USA,’ ‘Japan,’ ‘China,’ or ‘Spain’ stamps for more returns.

4. Vintage Lladro Figurine Colors

Different Colors of Vintage Lladro Figurine

If your Lladro figurines have matte white porcelain or yellowish finishes, they might be from the early 1953 – 1960 batch. But if they have more shiny and bold colors – red, blue, green, etc., they might be new, from the 1970s or 80s.

Here’s how to appraise all such colored figurines:

Vintage Lladro Figurine ColorsAverage Cost
White & Yellow$50 – 4,000
Black, Brown, Gray$40 – 2,500
Red & Orange$30 – 1,500
Pink & Purple$20 – 1,000
Blue & Green$30 – 800

5. Lladro Figurine Artists

Among all the different Lladro figurines in the market, the ones signed by famous designers like Julio Fernandez, Fulgencio Garcia, and Amparo Amador are in high demand. And these can often cost double the regular figurine!

6. Retired Lladro Figurines

Even though Lladro has produced most of its figurine collections, it has discontinued some figurines due to outdated designs, low demand, or high effort. Today, such retired figurines fetch a high value due to their limited circulation & handmade creations.

Want to know more about such retired Lladro figurines? Here’s a feature & price list:

Retired Lladro FigurinesKey FeaturesRetirement YearEstimated Value
Flowers of the SeasonA Spanish woman with a rose and tulip cart2001$800 – 3,000
I Love You Truly A simple bride & groom figurine in a ballroom stance2005$400 – 1,500
Medieval TournamentA horseback knight figurine with full armor and shields2004$25,000 – 40,000
In the GondolaA typical Italian figurine that depicts a young couple enjoying a romantic Gondola ride2004$2,000 – 5,000
Romeo & JulietA hand-painted porcelain figurine depicting Romeo & Juliet in a sad, romantic embrace1996$250 – 1,000

5 Rare & Most Valuable Lladro Figurines in 2023

Now, let’s list the top five rare and most valuable Lladro figures with their features, costs & resale values based on their recent auction sales.

Rare & Valuable Lladro SculpturesUnique FeaturesLast Auction Cost
Lladro Cinderella’s Arrival SculptureLimited edition figurine featuring Cinderella in her carriage with Zircon harness & porcelain flowers$48,000 – 50,000
18th Century Coach SculptureAn aged, Baroque-style white porcelain figurine depicting a detailed carriage, horse riders, and shrubs$14,500
A Grand Adventure TrainA long, 15-inch figurine depicting a train’s engine, two carriages, and passengers on a platform$66,000
Lladro Protective Dragon FigurineA rare, 24-inch Lladro figurine with hand-painted metallic scales, claws, teeth, & a wide, roaring mouth$9,200
Fox Hunt SculptureA large hunting scene figurine featuring three horseback hunters and 6-7 foxes around them$11,000

How Do I Identify My Lladro Figurine?

You can identify authentic Lladro figurines by their stamped cobalt blue logos, country marks, and incised numbers. Also, some might have their original artist signs, factory codes, or import scripts.

What Does ‘DAISA’ Mean on Lladro Figurine?

Used from 1984 – 1989, a DAISA Stamp is a short, abbreviated code for ‘Disenos Artisticos E Industriales,’ a subsidiary of the Lladro figurines.

Should You Store the Boxes of Old Lladro Figurines?

Yes, you should store the boxes of old Lladro figurines as they might have their original paperwork, stamping, or bills that hike the resale value.

Despite their simple, porcelain designs, Lladro figurines fetch tremendous value for their original brand marks, artist signs, and aging clues! So, just dust your piece and remove all the age-old grime and stains to ensure you don’t miss out on any rare, valuable marks!

But if you want to go ahead and build a complete figurine collection, here’s a list of 12 more antique figurines that are worth your money!

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