Antique Bassett Furniture: Value & Identification Guide

You must all have one or the other type of antique furniture in your homes, right? So, check its base and see if you have a ‘Bassett’ logo! If yes, you are in luck! That’s because you can now resell your piece for up to $7000. Just see its crude oak or maple body. It’s rare, right?

But you can’t obviously price all large and small furniture for $7000. In fact, you’ll need to study its age and shape to guess the exact cost. So, how do you work on such details? Don’t worry! Today, I’ll tell you all about pricing your old Bassett furniture! Shall we start?

Key Takeaways

  • Want to verify your antique Bassett furniture? Well, look for dovetail joints, hardware pulls, grinding marks, and an etched logo.
  • Antique Bassett furniture comes in four styles – Queen Anne, Chippendale, Revival, and Art Deco. Here, try to get Cherry or Walnut wood products for good value.
  • You’ll always see aging signs like faded patina or unglazed hardware on old Bassett furniture pieces.
  • You can track any old Bassett furniture’s age by checking its model numbers, design style, and material. The old ones usually have Oak frames and curves!

Notable Features of Antique Bassett Furniture

Vintage Bassett Furniture

Finding antique Bassett pieces is easy! Here, I just want you to open your palms and feel the wood. Do you see bumpy, irregular surfaces? If yes, congrats! Your piece might be old and handmade! Also, see if the front edges are thick and curved!

Now, let’s check out more antique features to confirm the make:

  • Glued Dovetail joints with sturdier oak frames and cheaper, softwood panels
  • Solid wood body with a high-density foam pad and unibody design
  • Circular, arc-shaped marks from a wood plane, circular saw, or knife
  • A shellac, wax, or milk paint finish with visible brush strokes

An Overview of Bassett Furniture’s History

Did you know that the Basset’s founded their company to supply wood for rail tracks? Yes, we aren’t kidding! In fact, till 1892, the Bassetts were literally looking for rail works and other goods! That’s when Mr. John Bassett realized the huge furniture market!

So he set to work on it! He started with bedroom furniture – dressers, beds, and other stuff! He also used sleek cabriole legs, pad feet, and curved lines to lower costs. But, most pieces were handmade and seasoned. So, the making was slow, and the demand was high!

The later post-war era turned a new leaf for the bassets! Like, their fundamentals – costs, and innovation, remained the same! But, what changed was their focus on futuristic design and fast machine cuts. So now, the models have become common and cheaper.

4 Types of Antique Bassett Furniture With Values

We know that there are endless Bassett products out there! But here, we tried separating their uses to help you know their base price!

1. Bassett’s Dining Room Furniture

Bassett’s Dining Room Furniture

What do you expect to get in the dining room section? Tables, china cabinets, and chairs, right? Well, it’s the same with the Bassetts, but just with an Art Deco twist! Like, you’ll see floral decorations, bold lines, and fluted legs with these. So, most cost between $1000 – 2000.

1. Bassett’s Bedroom Furniture

You’ll find old oak or mahogany dressers, beds, and washstands in this series. Worn panels, wire-brushed finishes, and tall headboards will also be there! Also, see if they have pewter knobs and rails. If yes, they’ll roughly cost $1000 – 5000. If not, $800 – 4200 is okay!

3. Old Living Room Furniture

Old Living Room Furniture

Just as the name says, you’ll see sofas, armchairs, and coffee tables here! And most of them have simple Georgian designs, straight legs, and classical edges. You might also find carved golden hardware and etched burl panels. But most are new and cost up to $500.

4. Bassett’s Custom Desks

Back then, Bassetts also made some custom pieces, ranging from corner tables to bespoke dressers. So, needless to say, they are scarce and can cost up to $15,000 based on their size. Plus, you can get fancy damask or tartan upholsteries with these.

5 Key Factors to Identify & Value Old Bassett Furniture

Well, knowing the use and area of your Bassett furniture isn’t enough! To value it rightly, you must know many more factors and details. And today, I am going to help you with those!

1. Manufacturing Date & Age

Old Bassett Furniture

We all know that Bassett’s started its work in 1902. So, it’s obvious that its initial pieces will be rare and costly! But, if you want fancy, elaborate ones, the 1930s models will be best! And if you love clean lines and minimal designs, pick the 1950s ones.

But it’s not the end! Bassett makes really luxurious and sleek pieces even now. It’s just that the post-war ones are new and might not be there in an antique bid.

Most Bassett pieces have a date that tracks their age. But if you don’t see one, check the clues below:

How Do You Check Bassett Pieces from the Early 1900s?

What do you expect to see in the initial 1900s models? Hand-cut frames, carvings, and joints, right? But, the early Basset’s pieces were more of the revival style. So, most used cane and willow instead of fabrics. You’ll also see arched hardware and carved inlay frames.

How Do You Identify Old Bassett Pieces from the Early 1930s?

The 1930s Bassett pieces were more of a mix of Art-Nouveau and Art-Deco styles. Like, they were geometric and had lacquered or jewel finishes. And you can also spot some hammered chrome accents! Next, check if they have wood inlays and rounded tops!

How Does a 1950s Bassett Furniture Piece Look?

The 1950s Bassett pieces look modern and futuristic, like any other new-age furniture. But what sets them apart are their luxurious, custom panels and inlays. Most also have etched logos and model numbers on a small metal plate. Plus, you’ll also see polished veneers!

Do you still have doubts about your Bassett furniture age? Then, let’s try solving them by checking some model numbers below:

YearAgeModel NumberBassett Furniture TypeAverage Valuation
1950s73 yearsB 295-17-211Antique Dresser$3000 – 4000
1960s83 years522-002Antique Cherry Dresser$2000 – 2500
1930s53 years675-76-665End Tables$1000 – 1200

Get Bassett pieces with solid wood frames and a leathercraft dye or sealer finish for an old make.

2. Type of Furniture Items

Antique Dresser Styles

Now, Bassett Furniture makes a bunch of products – sofas, lounge chairs, beds, and whatnot! So, the cost of each obviously varies with each type. So does the size! Plus, each might have different antique features like frames, rails, and joints.

The price table below will help you find the estimated value of different vintage Bassett furntirue items.

Antique Bassett ProductsHow to Recognize the Antique Product?Rough SizeEstimated Price
Sofas & Seaters (1950s)Damask or Linen Cushions, Exposed wood shapes, and Enveloping frames32 inches$1650 – 2000
Lounge Chairs (1950s)Simple geometric shapes with Maple, Birch, Walnut, or Elm framed and minimal carvings600 X 600mm$1300 – 1500
Coffee TablesWalnut inlays, four hairpin legs, curved seams, and 2-3 drawers22 X 50 inches$800 – 1000
Dining TablesSculptural bentwood legs, Tempered glass tops, Hinged frames or pedestals, and Brass hinges or hardwood68 X 38 inches$2800 – 3500
DressersRectangular, freestanding walls, Tapered legs, Teardrop handles, Fluted frames, and Yoke Rails70 X 30 inches$3800 – 4000
BedsArched headboards, Fluted posts, Rails, Oak or Mahogany Frames, Iron & Brass hardware with slightly carved backs90 X 70 inches$1600 – 3000
Chests or Trunks (1950s)Faded finishes, Yellowish patina, floral molds & carvings, tenon-mortise joints & rosehead nails33 X 42 inches$1200 – 1600

Check if the piece’s a bit abstract and uneven at the corners. If it’s symmetrical, it might be new and machine-made.

3. Wood Type

You’ll get old Bassett furniture in four types of wood – Oak, Cherry, Maple, and Walnut. Of this, the oak one is old and wax-finished. In contrast, cherry or maple pieces cost more due to their heavy, hardwood frames and lacquers. Plus, you can even see red stains with these!

Here’s how the type of wood affects the value of each old Bassett model:

Antique Bassett Product/Wood TypeOak WoodCherry WoodMaple WoodWalnut Wood
Sofas, 3-seaters, and other large couches$700 – 900$1200 – 1500N.A$1300 – 1500
Lounge chairs$100 – 120$800 – 900$500 – 700$700 – 800
Coffee tables & End tables$300 – 400$500 – 600$400 – 500$400 – 500
Dining TablesN.A$3000 – 4000$3500 – 3000$1500 – 2000
Dressers & Cupboards$800 – 900$1200 – 1500$800 – 1200$800 – 900
Beds$1900 – 2000$2300 – 2500$1500 – 1600$1700 – 2000
Chests or Trunks$400 – 500$600 – 700$550 – 700$900 – 1200

Avoid getting composite pieces with metal stiles, rails, and footers, as those might be new and cheap.

4. Furniture Styles

Vintage Bassett Furniture Styles

If you want rare furniture, get the ones in typical Queen Anne, Chippendale, Revival, or Art Deco styles. You might also see minimal Bassett furniture in the shop. But it’s a big no for good returns!

Here, look for cabriole legs and cushioned seats to spot Queen Anne’s furniture. Or you can go with the floral revival style if you love fancy pieces. Similarly, Art Deco is for geometric lovers, and Chippendale’s for the curved, s-shaped ones!

But each Bassett furniture style will change your valuation, right? So here’s a list to help!

Antique Bassett ProductQueen Anne StyleChippendale StyleRevival StyleArt Deco Style
Sofas, 3-seaters, and other large couchesN.A$1000 – 1200$1000 – 1200$1000 – 1500
Lounge chairs$300 – 400$400 – 500$250 – 500$200 – 250
Coffee tables & End tables$600 – 700$750 – 800$500 – 1000$400 – 900
Dining Tables$2000 – 2500$1800 – 2000$900 – 1700N.A
Dressers & Cupboards$1600 – 2000$1500 – 1700$1000 – 2000$800 – 1000
Beds$700 – 1000$900 – 1200$1200 – 1500N.A
Chests or Trunks$300 – 400$450 – 500$200 – 300$200 – 250

Pick furniture pieces with rich gold or silver motifs and ornamentation to hike the costs by 10 – 12%.

5. Furniture Finishes

Old Bassett Furniture Finishes

Most people love antiques for their raw, hand-sprayed finishes, right? So, if your Bassett furniture has wax, milk, or Shellac finishes, you can raise its cost by 2 – 3%. But, if it’s lacquered or stained, it might be new and cheaper.

Avoid getting chipped or faded pieces, as those might lose their value by 5 – 6%.

Does Antique Bassett Furniture Have a Solid Wood Body?

Yes, antique Bassett furniture has solid oak, walnut, or maple bodies. You might find composite or woven inlays with them, but the frames would be all wood!

How Do You Test the Finish of Vintage Bassett Furniture?

Spray some denatured alcohol or ammonia on your Bassett furniture base. If its finish dissolves or looks watery, it’s surely Shellac or milk paint. If not, it might be a new, lacquered one.

What Type of Markings Do You Find on Old Bassett Furniture?

You’ll mostly see normal paper or metal labels on the bases or seams of old Bassett furniture. But if your furniture’s custom-made, you might find etched or wood-burnt logos, too!

As an antique expert, I have encountered many queries about old and new Bassett furniture. This guide is the answer to all of them! Remember, antique Bassett pieces have composite frames, muted colors, and abstract shapes. So, you can value each according to its type and size!

If you need help identifying more vintage furniture pieces like old dressers, pld rocking chairs, antique sofas, and vintage trunks, I’ve shared dedicated value guides for all of them!

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