15 Most Expensive Beyblades Models to Collect (Rare Finds)

If your child freaks over beyblade matches, your playbox must be full of beyblades. Well, we get you! Every teen loves playing, attacking, and bursting these spinners with friends. Even their pioneer, Takara, called them ‘Shoot (attack) toys’ for the same reason.

Then, it was the era of Anime. And these swift, spinning toys were even more popular than before. In fact, some brands even started character – Kai, Tate, and Ray designs for more money. So, all these extra features hiked Beyblades’ value and made it collectible!

Want to know more about such expensive Beyblade collectibles? We’ve brought you an exclusive list of the 15 most expensive Beyblades for you!

Key Takeaways

  • Most of the expensive Beyblades are from Japanese makers like Takura and Hasbro. Also, check if they have a WBBA or BEGA league association for more value.
  • Among all the types of Beyblades, the attack or defense ones cost the most. So models like Ocean Wrath and Apollon Sunshine are worth a lot!
  • Get Takara Tomy’s Dragoon Spin Gear Beyblades for costly gold and chrome polishes.
  • Expensive Beyblades have unique features like energy rings, balance modes, carved spinners, and efficient gears.

What Features Make an Old Beyblade Expensive?

Of course, all Beyblades have forged rings, drivers, and attack rings. But, when you talk about the costly ones, you may look for more! Well, Beyblades are expensive because of elements like steel rings, magnetic tops, rare foreign Dranzer GT technology, and activators!

But that’s not all! Here are some more Beyblade features that earn a lot of money:

  • Cast iron bit chips with regional or mythical carvings like dragons or serpents
  • High-end Magnacore (magnetic) system for stronger attacks
  • Circle wide-weight disks for defensive play
  • Engine gear or spin-gear lines for fast movement
  • Hybrid wheels with energy loops and solid, rubber flat tops
  • A switch strike and shock system to climb rails, unlike the regular Beyblades
  • Battle layer mode for aggressive and high-power battles

Top 15 Expensive Beyblades to Find Now!

Let’s look at some of the most expensive Beyblades, their release years, and costs below

1. Dragoon Spin Gear Beyblade

Who would have thought that Beyblades could be gold-plated, right? But these 1999 Cross Dragon series ones are! Other than that, you’ll also see a rare, flat base, launcher, and ripcord with polished spinners. No wonder this one’s the rarest and costliest beyblade of all!

Rare & Collectible Features:

  • Hammered or Gold-polished Beyblade wings
  • A bit-chip Dragoon sticker, just like its anime version – Tyson Granger
  • Aggressive attack ring with an heavy weight disk
  • Right spin gear for high-speed attacks
Estimated Price$1900
Release Year1999
Type / Series Spin Dragoon Series
BrandTakara Tomy

2. WBBA Red Diablo Nemesis X:D Dragren

Diablo Beyblade is another expensive model, thanks to its brand! But what hikes the cost more are its limited 100-piece series, WBBA association, flexible spins, and bolts. Plus, it’s imported from Japan. So, sellers charge more for all the tax marks and receipts too!

Unique & Special Features to Look for:

  • A typical red face bolt with the inscription of the Nemesis (The goddess of Revenge in Greek mythology.)
  • 4D energy rings and fusion wheels with balance and attack modes
  • X:D tracks with sharp, flat, and semi-flat turn modes
  • Performance tips with an automatic spin-velocity adjuster
Estimated Cost$1200 (roughly a $100 increase per year)
Release Year2012
Type / Series Balance, Metal Fusion Fight
BrandTakara Tomy

This Beyblade works only for attack, defense, and stamina-type wars. So, choose rightly!

3. FB-05 Gabriel Beyblade

FB-05 is literally a trend among all the Gabriel anime lovers. It’s a robust, high-capacity beyblade with highly customizable gears for attack and stamina modes. But what makes it more precious is the rare clutch and dragoon design that pushes competitor beyblades like crazy!

Rare Features:

  • Gabriel bit chip with angel-like inscriptions and carvings
  • Twin horns with 6-star projections for powerful attacks
  • Polished and semi-flat spinner tip that switches that toggles between attack and stamina modes
Average Cost$1300
Release Year2002
Type / Series Gabriel Attack Series
BrandMade by Takara but distributed by Hasbro

4. Wolborg 4 Ice blue

Another Beyblade for high-combat battles, Wolborg 4, costs more due to its high spinning power and aerodrome design. This one also has a high defense mechanism and ribbed edges that literally dig the floor for balance.

Also, it belongs to the anime – Tala. So, it has a crazy fan following but a limited supply of about 100 pieces. So naturally, each seller charges more!

Unique & Special Features:

  • Branded, Wolborg bit chips with real wolf and werewolf stickers
  • Designer attack rings with carved wolf heads
  • Circular, free-spinning tips for lower friction and high attack
Average Cost$1500
Release Year2003
Type / Series Beyblade G-Revolution Series (Attack Type)
BrandTakara Tomy

5. MA01 Dragoon MS Ultimate Version

Dragoon MS Ultimate is another fan-base Beyblade from the Tyson Granger anime. So, it has a huge hype but a limited supply of 200 – 300 pieces. And that’s what makes it rare. Other than that, collectors also pay more for its unique, high-force attack wheels and cores.

Unique & Collectible Features:

  • Bit protectors with a carved Dragoon protector and wings
  • Flat core grips that switch between attack and stamina modes
  • Wide circle weight disk for more balance
Average Cost$1000
Release Year2003
Type / Series Dragoon Attack Series

6. Poseidon Ocean Wrath G

Poseidon is a high-energy, attack beyblade for all the battle hunks out there! It has a rich history of the G-revolution and the WBBA (World Beyblade Battle Association) battles. Also, sellers charge more for its recoil angles, rubber tips, and clutch bases.

Here are some more special features:

  • Bit chips and Stickers that denote Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea
  • Three-blade attack ring with a 10mm weight disk
  • Semi-flat blade base and tip for balance
Average Cost$1000
Release Year2003
Type / Series Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution
BrandTakara (Poseidon)

7. Apollon Sunshine Gold

If you didn’t like Poseidon’s recoil and clutch, you could try the Apollon Sunshine Beyblade too! You’d love this attack-type beyblade for its BEGA league roots and Garland Siebald stickers. Plus, its exclusive models come with gold, blue or pink spinners.

Top & Unique Features:

  • Bitchips and stickers that depict Apollon, the Greek God of Sun
  • A four-blade attack ring with a 10mm weight disk
  • Metal Weight Spin Gear for fast movement
Average Cost$500
Release Year2003
Type / Series Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution
BrandTakara (Apollon)

8. Phantom Orion Skeleton Beyblade

Want a high-defense beyblade that just doesn’t knock off from the stadium? Check out the high-stamina Orion skeleton Beyblade from Takara. This one fetches more money for its black, oxidized finishes and spikes. Plus, there are less than 100 pieces in the market, making it rare!

Exclusive Features:

  • Face bolts with Orion or Greek mythology inscriptions
  • Compatibility with Metal Fusion, Metal Masters, and Shogun Steel series
  • Bearing drives for reduced friction
  • Energy Rings, Phantom 4D wheels, Assembly & Sticker sets
Average Cost$1000
Release Year2013
Type / Series Metal Mega Series
BrandTakara Tomy

9. A-108 Gaia (Strata)

If you want a movie-featured, attack-type Beyblade, look no further than A-108 Gaia. This Daichi Sumeragi-styled model has superior wings and gears that hike its cost like crazy. Also, you’ll find imported parts and Japanese motifs that make it even more precious!

Top Rare Features:

  • Intricate attack ring with two dragon heads and interlocking spins
  • Outward weight distribution for more balance
  • Clutch mechanism with a flexible sharp or blunt tip as per the speed
Average Cost$550
Release Year2003
Type / Series Engine Gear System Series

10. Dragoon Galaxy Turbo A-112

Dragoon Galaxy is a manga series Beyblade, belonging to Tyson Granger. So it has a luxurious, polished finish as on TV and flexible attack rings that knock off opponents in no time! Also, this one is a limited-edition model, with less than 100 pieces in circulation.

Unique & Pricey Features:

  • Left engine gears with a flat, metal tip for swift, stadium movements
  • Instant Release Base (GT Version) clutches for speed
  • Dragon saucers with two dragon heads and free-spinning sub-attack rings
Average Cost$400
Release Year2003
Type / Series Engine Gear System Series

11. Venusian RB-12 BEGA

If you are more into colors and patterns, you’ll certainly love this attack Beyblade from Takara. In fact, people also use them in wars and tournaments due to their unique four-wing designs and random boosters. Plus, these are no longer in production and are rare!

Top Features:

  • Venus bit chips with wing, swan, or peacock designs
  • Customizable ripcords for speed and swift movements
  • A heavy, 125-unit weight disk for strength and balance
Average Cost$300
Release Year2003
Type / Series Bakuten Shoot Beyblade G-Revolution

12. BB-88 Meteo L-Drago

If you want a good-quality dragon claw or defensive Beyblade, pick the BB-88 series. You’ll easily spot this one by its three-winged propellers, play sounds, and flat tips. Also, this one’s a celebrity Ryuga Beyblade from the Metal Master Series. So it costs more!

Top Collectible Traits:

  • Draco face bolts with embossed Dragon and constellation inscriptions on the left
  • 6-hump rubber rings for high-energy Assault & Barrage modes
  • Polished and low-rise spin tracks for large and powerful attacks
  • Flat or spoked rubber tips for better grip
Average Cost$300
Release Year2010
Type / Series Beyblade Metal Masters Series

13. Evil Befall / Killer Beafowl Beyblade

Killer Beafowl Beyblade

Evil Befall is again a super-star Beyblade from the TV Metal Masters series! This one has an intricate peacock face bolt and multicolor LEDs like Jack’s Beyblades in Anime. And what makes it even more pricey are its aggressive attack performances in the WBBA series!

Rare & Special Features:

  • Six protrusion stars with two-winged designs and rounded edges
  • Textured and Bumpy wheels with 8-arrow designs and carvings
  • Free-spinning ball tip to reduce friction
Average Cost$180
Release Year2010
Type / Series Hybrid Wheel System Series
BrandTakara Tomy

14. Hollow Deathscyther

Everyone wants character-owned or themed Beyblades these days! And this Hollow Deathscyther Beyblade, owned by Daigo Kurogami, tops that list! There are less than 100 models worldwide, making them rare and costly.

The high cost is also because of its sleek, transparent bodies, 4A Chassis, and great stamina.

Rare & Special Features:

  • Six protrusions and a hollow design for swift and sudden movements
  • Eccentric tips and center of gravity for dual-spin attacks
  • Symmetric and elliptical, foreign-made forge discs
Average Cost$150
Release Year1999 (Remodeled in 2020)
Type / Series Burst Surge Series
BrandTakara Tomy

15. Advance Guardian HMS Beyblade

Advance Guardian is a superior defense beyblade for all Daichi Sumeragi anime fans worldwide! This one has two steel or brass rollers and wings, with extra launchers and rip cords for defense. And since Hasbro stopped making it in 2007, it’s rare and collectible now!

Top Rare Features:

  • Hard metal bit cores with embossed emblems and rubber grips
  • Outward weight distribution for better balance
  • Unique dual spin direction for rebound attack
Average Cost$120
Release Year2004
Type / Series Original HMS G-Revolution

Why Are Old Beyblades So Expensive?

Old Beyblades cost more due to their superior quality plastics, carved spinners, gears, and ball tips. Plus, most models are limited-edition and rare, with less than 100 pieces in circulation.

How Do You Know if a Beyblade is Original?

Unscrew the Beyblade’s plates and check its materials. Old and authentic Beyblades always had plastic bodies with metal tips and weights. So, if your Beyblade has a cased rubber or plastic tip, it might be new and cheap.

Which is the Rarest Beyblade in the World?

Takara Tomy’s Red Diablo Nemesis is the world’s rarest beyblade, with less than 100 pieces in circulation. Also, most of the existing pieces got damaged in the WBBA leagues. So, they are even more rare now!

Beyblade matches have been the talk of the town since their origin in 1999. And both children and collectors run after expensive, geared tops to win! Like Beyblades, vintage Funko pops are another popular collectible toy that is highly in demand nowadays! Find the most valuable Funko pops in my other exclusive list!

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