Old Antique & Vintage Bottles (Worth, Features & More In 2023)

Old bottles always end up heaped in the dusty corners of attics and storerooms of homes and antique stores. But as an antique collector, I know these bottles are treasures for antique freaks!

If you’re one of those on a hunt to collect old valuable bottles, this article is just what you need. It’ll show you the 20 most valuable old bottles worth the money that you can get your hands on right away!

Key Takeaways

  • Old bottles with a clear brand, location, and manufacturing embossments or etchings are usually collectors’ favorites. 
  • Rare-colored bottles, like purple, puce, yellow-green, & cobalt blue, are more valuable than common colors like clear, amber, & aqua. 
  • Pick old bottles with open pontil and iron pontil marks, as they usually date back to the 19th century. 

How to Spot Rare & Valuable Old Bottles?

Rare Antique Bottles

If you want to pick an old bottle that’s worth something among many others that may not look for these features:

  • Old make of bottles (over around 100 years old
  • Unique shapes of bottles (bulbous, hexagonal, etc.)
  • Distinctive colors (blue, green, purple, pink, milk glass, etc.)
  • Clear carving or embossings of the brand’s name, manufacturing date, location, patent numbers, etc. 
  • Antique pontil and seams marks – Open Pontil (1600s – 1855), Iron Pontil (1840s to 1865), Smooth-based Sand Pontil (1865 – 1910s)
  • Original models with Original labels, wrapping, package/box, etc. 

20 Invaluable Old Bottles You Can Own

Here are 20 interesting and really invaluable old bottles which you can add to your collection right away!

1. Maurice Marinot Acid-Etched Glass Bottles

Designed by the famous Fauvist painter Maurice Marinot, these bottles are popular for their rugged abstract look. You can spot them by their rough and blurry, acid-etched surfaces.

Key Features to Spot: 

  • Marinot marked on the base 
  • Hand-blown body
Estimated Cost $3,000
Brand/MakerMaurice Marinot
Manufacturing Year1928
Bottle TypeRegular
ColorClear (Available in multiple colors)
Item Height18 inches (Approx.)

2. Antique Old Homestead Wild Cherry Bitters Bottle

If you’re looking for a unique square bottle, this antique bitters bottle is the one! You can easily spot this with its square cabin shape with windows and doors on the panels and a tiled roof!

Key Features to Spot: 

  • “Old Homestead Wild Cherry Bitters” embossed on one of the four flat panels on the top
  • Applied collared mouth 
Estimated Cost $2,000
Brand/MakerOld Homestead
Manufacturing Year1860-1880
Bottle TypeLiquor
ColorOlive Yellow
Item Height9  inches (Approx.)

3. The 18th Century J Bathe English Squat Bottle

This antique bottle from the 18th century is a real win! Heavy and solid, this squat style looks unique with dark green color and pretty stretch marks and lines.

Key Identifying Features: 

  • “J Bathe 1798” seal marked on the front
  • Sand pontil at the base
  • Uneven edge and rings on the mouth
Estimated Cost $2,000
Brand/MakerJ Bathe
OriginUnited Kingdom
Manufacturing Year1798
Bottle TypeRegular
ColorDark Green

4. Victorian Bristol Double-Ended Perfume Bottle 

This antique perfume bottle is highly collectible because of its unique double-ended body. It has a beautiful dark cobalt blue glass body, capped with carved silver caps on both ends.

Key Features to Spot: 

  • Detailed floral engraving on the silver caps
  • One cap is a hinged lid over a glass stopper, while the other one is a screw cap with fitted cork sealing
  • Clear molding seams on the blue glass
Estimated Cost $500
Manufacturing Year1890s
Bottle TypePerfume Bottle
MaterialGlass, Silver
ColorBlue, Silver
Item Height9.25 cm (Approx.)

5. OPS Bourbon Whiskey Bottle

This antique whiskey bottle can be spotted with its clear and bold embossments and a long neck with an applied top. Its beautiful amber shade makes it look old and pricey!

Key Features to Spot: 

  • “OPS Bourbon Whiskey from A. P. Hotaling’s Old Private Stock San Francisco” embossed on the front
  • Clear sand pontil with blowing bubbles and seed bubbles
  • Visible applied top/mouth
Estimated Cost $2,000
OriginUnited Kingdom
Manufacturing Year1880-1890
Bottle TypeLiquor
Item Height11 inches (Approx)

6. Antique Horton & Allday Sterling Silver Victorian Scent Bottle 

It’s not just antique glass bottles that are valuable; metal bottles are worth a lot, too, just like this small Sterling Silver scent bottle. It’s an oval-shaped bottle with ornate silver work and hand-painted decoration.

Valuable Features: 

  • Beautiful floral enamel painting on the front
  • Purity hallmarks and brand marking at the back
  • Hinged domed bottle cap 
  • Original glass stopper (inside the cap)
Estimated Cost $1,000
Brand/MakerHorton & Allday
OriginUnited Kingdom
Manufacturing Year1885
Bottle TypeScent Bottle
MaterialSterling Silver
Item Height2 ⅝ inches (Approx.)

7. Cheetah Canon Ink Spot 5 Oz Bottle

This unique antique ink bottle is shaped like a cannon, which makes it rare in itself. Dating back to the early 20th century, this light aqua-colored bottle is even more valuable for intact brand labels on the sides.

Notable Features: 

  • Number marking on the top
  • Applied top neck
  • Molded hand-blown make with pushed back and rolled lip
Estimated Cost $2,200
Manufacturing Year1900 – 1920s
Bottle TypeInk Spot Bottle
Item Height7 cm (Approx.)

8. French Old Paris Porcelain Figurial Scent Bottles

You don’t see figurial bottles nowadays, which is why these French bottles are even more collectible! This pair features two bottles in designs of a French king and queen standing on a pedestal.

Key Features to Look For: 

  • Hand-painted colorful French attire on both bottles
  • Floral scrolling golden decoration on the pedestals
Estimated Cost $400 – $500
Brand/MakerOld Paris
Manufacturing Year1840
Bottle TypeScent Bottle
Item Height10.25 inches (Approx.) (Taller Bottle)

9. R. Lalique Frosted Glass Ambre Perfume Bottle 

Now this antique bottle looks more like a sculpture! You can spot it with its unique frosted glass texture with a beautiful carving of young women all around the bottle. The light-amber perfume bottle looks even more vintage with its Sepia patina.

Identifying Features: 

  • “R. Lalique” carved beneath the feet of the sculpted lady
  • Lamp-shaped glass stopper/cap 
Estimated Cost $1,000
Brand/MakerR. Lalique
OriginUnited Kingdom
Manufacturing Year1910
Bottle TypePerfume Bottle
MaterialFrosted Glass
ColorLight Amber/Sepia
Item Height6 inches (Approx.)

10. English Double Globe Seltzogene Soda Siphon Bottle

This antique English Soda Seltzer bottle features a unique double globe body and metal netting. It’s an Art Nouveau-style bottle and would look perfect in your collection!

Key Features to Spot: 

  • Brand markings, patent number engraved on the metal netting 
  • Visible join mold seams between the two globes
  • A metal stand at the base
Estimated Cost $400 – $500
Brand/MakerBritish Syphon Manufacturing Company
Manufacturing YearLate 19th Century
Bottle TypeSoda Siphon/Seltzer Bottle
MaterialGlass, Metal
Item Height20.5 inches (Approx.)

11. Inca Ceramic Bottle with Human Face

Although this ancient ceramic bottle is extremely difficult to find, if you manage to get one, it can be really valuable! The highlight of this slipped and painted vessel is its neck with a handmade face with all features (eyes, nose, mouth, ears)!

Features to Identify: 

  • Clumsy checkerboard pattern painted on the body (waist)
  • Shiny finish
  • Wider (than neck) mouth with uneven curled lips
Estimated Cost $1,300
Manufacturing Year1300 – 1500 A.D. 
Bottle TypeWater Vessel
Item Height7 ¼ inches (Approx.)

12. 1800s Rare Cut Clear Crystal Liquor Gin Decanter Bottle

This antique crystal decanter bottle can be spotted with its large bulbous waist with cut-crystal patterns and a long neck. On the top, you’ll find a hallmarked Sterling silver stopper which hikes the value of this old bottle.

Key Features to Note: 

  • Intricate details on the cut-crystal patterns 
  • Hand-carved cursive initials on the stopper
  • Hammered finish
Estimated Cost $200 – $400
Manufacturing Year1800s
Bottle TypeDecanter
MaterialCrystal, Silver
ColorClear, Silver
Item Height10 inches (Approx.)

13. Robj Art Deco Black Mammy Bottle

Shaped as a black Mammy, this vintage Art Deco bottle is a rare find! The Mammy is dressed in a bright yellow dress with a green scarf around her neck. On her head, she wears a turban, which also is the stopper.

Features to Identify: 

  • “Robj Paris Made in France” marked at the bottom
  • Cork stopper mounted to the ceramic turban
Estimated Cost $700
Manufacturing Year1920s
Bottle TypeFigurial Bottle
Item Height10 inches (Approx.)

14. Vintage Handmade Brass Bottle 

This vintage bottle grabs attention with its round-shaped brass body with a thick riveted neck. You will notice a kicked-up bottom in the bottle along with a round wooden stopper, oozing vintage vibes!

Notable Features to Spot: 

  • Visible brazed seams on the body 
  • Thick flanged neck with rivets
  • Visible hammered screws/pins around the neck
Estimated Cost $250
Manufacturing YearEarly 2000s
Bottle TypeWater Storing Bottle
Item Height22 inches (Approx.)

15. Rare Bon-Opto Eye Remedy Bottle

This hundred-plus-year-old remedy bottle is a must-have for your antique collection! It can be identified by its square shape, antique cork stopper, uneven surface, and visible hand-blown mold seams. Besides, you will see clear embossments to verify its authenticity.

Valuable Features: 

  • Original labels, box, and stopper
  • “BON-OPTO” and Eye Wash Cup embossed on one side, and “BON-OPTO FOR THE EYES” embossed on the other side
  • Hand-blown into mold make 
Estimated Cost $200
Brand/MakerAlmas Drug Co. Rochester
OriginNew York
Manufacturing Year1880 – 1920s
Bottle TypeRemedy Bottle
Item Height3 ⅛ inches (Approx.)

16. Antique F E MORGAN Apothecary Bottle 

This antique pharmacy bottle is a collector’s treasure! Manufactured by F. E. Morgan pharmacy, this bottle is quite valuable thanks to its unique purple hue and raw hand-blown-into-mold body.

Key Features to Hike the Value: 

  • “F. E. MORGAN & SONS PHILADA” embossed on the body in an oval-shaped seal
  • Original glass stopper with string
  • Visible seams and tiny bubbles
Estimated Cost $100 – $200
Brand/MakerF E Morgan
Manufacturing YearLate 1800s
Bottle TypePharmacy Apothecary Bottle
ColorLight Purple
Item Height4 inches (Approx.)

17. Rare Straight Sided Amber Coca-Cola Bottle

Precious & rare, this vintage Coca-Cola bottle is a great addition to any antique collection! Unlike modern Coke bottles, this one has a dark amber tone glass with straight sides and old Coca-Cola name embossing.

Key Features to Spot: 

  • “Coca-Cola BOTTLING WORKS UNION CITY, TE’NN” embossed on the body
  • “U.C.” marked at the bottom
  • Visible mold seams & clumsy shape
Estimated Cost $500
Manufacturing Year1900s
Bottle TypeSoda Bottle
ColorMedium Amber

18. Antique Chinese Jade Stone Snuff Bottle Archaic 

Coming from the late 19th century, this rare Chinese bottle is highly valuable because of its full-on Jade stone make! It’s shaped like a square bottle with Chinese Archaic poems and other symbols carved on the front and sides.

Identifying Features: 

  • Dragon/Lion heads engraved on the sides (mask handles)
  • Carved Green jade stopper lid
  • Original spoon attached to the cork fitted on the underside of the jade lid
  • Smooth & uncarved backside
Estimated Cost $600 – $800
Manufacturing Year19th Century
Bottle TypeSnuff Bottle
MaterialJade Stone
ColorLight Brown
Item Height2.9 inches (Approx.)

19. Rare Green Glass Onion Bottle with Maarten Tromp Painting 

This rare colored onion bottle holds great value as it’s a commemorating model with an intricate painting of Dutch General Maarten Tromp in an oval-painted panel.

Key Features to Spot: 

  • Detailed painting of Dutch-Spanish sea battle on the lower body
  • Scroll designed with coats-of-arms for Amsterdam in golden color
Estimated Cost $400 – $500 (Up to $2,000 for good condition)
Manufacturing Year18th Century
Bottle TypeOnion Bottle
ColorDark Green
Item Height18 inches (Approx.)

20. French Bière d’Alsace Brasserie Beer Glass Bottle 

Old 1900s brasserie bottles fetch good value because of their antique look! This Beire d’Alsace bottle can be easily identified with its French embossments and a porcelain cap, which is quite rare!

Valuable Features: 

  • Numbers and letters embossed at the bottom
  • “Gdes Brasseries Alsaciennes Bière de ménage Bière d’Angoulême” & “proprieté de la brasserie” embossed on the body
  • Metal brasserie on the top
  • Dark green edge on the bottom
Estimated Cost $50 – $100
Brand/MakerBiére de ménage
Manufacturing YearEarly 1900s
Bottle TypeLiquor Bottle
MaterialGlass, Porcelain (Stopper)
ColorOlive Green

We hope this listicle will take you to your favorite invaluable old bottle that will make your shelf shine with antiqueness! All you need to do is verify the key features to pick authentic models!

But since different old bottles have different identification marks, you can learn about those in detail in my guides on old Coke bottles, liquor bottles, perfume bottles, & antique medicine bottles!

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