Old Vintage Coke Bottles Value (With Identification 2024)

We all love Coca-Cola, right? It’s easily one of the most loved beverage brands of all time! So loved that even the old empty Coca-Cola bottles grab a lot of attention today. And well, not just attention, but they also earn hefty resale prices of up to $3,000!

Since Coca-Cola revealed its first bottle in the 1890s, it has transformed the bottle multiple times. And some collections only had 50 – 60 bottles, making them rare and pricey. So, if your attic is full of empty Coke bottles, this guide will help you identify and estimate the old Coke bottle value!

Key Takeaways

  • You can guess your Old Coke Bottles’ value with the help of their Embossed logos, Signs & Patent numbers on the base.
  • It’s not just the carbonated Coke bottles. Even flavored Cherry or Vanilla Coke bottles fetch good returns in the market.
  • Old Coke Bottles have local American or foreign designs, of which the Mexican & Chinese ones cost more.
  • Eyeing returns? Then stick to the rare, anniversary-special Coke bottles like Root-Glass Prototype, FIFA, or Seoul Games Coke bottles.

On What Factors Does an Old Coke Bottle’s Value Depend?

Vintage Coke Bottle
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Well, an old Coke bottle’s cost changes with its size and capacity – 10, 12, or 16 ounces. But it’s not just that! You can also verify the following features to value it rightly:

  • Embossed logos, signs, and marks on the base or body
  • Applied color labels or painted ingredients
  • Old crown-top or screw-top closures with air-tight seals
  • Rough, pitted finish with Brown, Amber, Blue, or Clear sides
  • Mold & Blow-pipe finishes for more durability

How Did Old Coke Bottles Evolve With Time?

Did you know that makers sold the first Coke as soda fountains? And not in MacD or cafes, but in pharmacies, just like an acidity syrup. But this changed in 1886!

Benjamin Thomas, Joseph Whitehead & John Lupton got legal rights to sell Coke in the US. So, they introduced simple Hutchinson-style bottles for supply. And these first bottles had stoppers, rubber seals & simple Clear, Amber, or Aqua finishes.

Then, by the 1900s, Coca-Cola had moved to straight bottles! And these had Clear, Green, or Amber walls with an embossed ‘Coca-Cola’ logo on the sides.

However, there was a severe Copper shortage during WW1. So, makers couldn’t make more pigmented glass bottles and switched to plastic. You’ll still get some Clear Coke bottles from this era, but they might be simpler & cheaper than the old ones.

5 Types of Old Coke Bottles With Features & Base Value

If you want to value your Coke bottles, you MUST KNOW these five main types as follows:

Old Coke Bottle TypeHow to Identify? Estimated Value
Hutchinson Bottles (1894 – 1910)Straight-side glass bottles with superior metal stoppers & embossed Coca-Cola logos at the base$20 – 300
Straight-Sided Bottles(1900 – 1916)Small, straight-side glass bottles with flexible crown caps, Amber, Clear, or Aqua walls & side-embossed logos$15 – 500
Contour Bottles(1915 – 1980)‘Hobble-skirt’ design with Clear or Georgian Green walls, embossed plant names & an exclusive contoured shape$10 – 300
ACL (Applied Color Label) BottlesStraight & Transparent bottles with embossed or painted logos & printed labels$20 – 400
Commemorative BottlesLarge, special-event or anniversary bottles with special logos, labels, and embossed designs$15 – 350

6 Factors to Appraise Your Old Coke Bottle’s Value

Have you figured out your old Coke bottle’s type and base value? Now, let’s discuss how the final resale value changes with its age, color, & more:

1. Old Coca-Cola Bottle’s Age & Patent Numbers

As difficult as it may sound, you can age your Coke bottles yourself with some easy steps! First, rotate your Coke bottle, check for any Patent number on its base, and verify it from the list:

  • Pat’d. Nov. 16, 1915: Dated 1916 – 1928
  • Pat’d Dec. 25, 1923: Dated 1928 – 1938
  • Pat. D-105529: Dated 1938 – 1951
  • U.S. Pat. Office, 6 oz: Dated 1951 – 1958
  • U.S. Pat. Office, 6-1/2 oz: Dated 1958 – 1965

But what if the patent number has faded or discolored? Well, then, let’s date your Coke bottle based on its features.

EraAgeAging CluesOld Coke Bottle TypeEstimated Value
1916107 yearsLook for painted, white-label bottles with embossed or painted labels & unique date codes on the heel.Contour Coke Bottles$10 – 300
1900 – 1916107 – 123 yearsLook for typical cylindrical bottles with seed bubbles, two seam lines, mold marks & hand applied tops.Straight Side Coke Bottles$15 – 500
1890s124 – 133 yearsVerify their straight sides, high shoulders, embossed Coca-Cola labels & joint seams.Hutchinson Coke Bottles$20 – 300

Try to get Coke bottles with round tops, narrow necks & folded seams for an old make.

2. Vintage Coke Flavor Bottles

You might know Coke as a Brown, Fizzy & Carbonated drink. But vintage Coke bottles had so many options – Cherry, Vanilla & Diet Coke. Plus, each of them had a unique bottle & label that changed its value.

So, let’s see how to identify & appraise such unique Coke bottles:

Old Coke Flavor BottlesUnique FeaturesAverage Value
Cherry Coke (1985)Illustrated Cherry images and the words ‘Cherry Coke’ on the label$5 – 70
Vanilla CokeDoodled Vanilla Pod / Flower designs$5 – 90
Diet Coke (1980)Silver, Clear, or White colored bottles with printed ‘Diet Coke’ labels$5 – 80
Coca Cola Zero-SugarThin, black colored bottles with folded seams & narrow necks$1 – 20
New Coke (1985)Clear, contoured shape bottles with simple crown tops & embossed logos$10 – 100

3. Old Coca-Cola Bottle Colors

Old Coca-Cola bottles indeed had Amber, Brown, or Clear walls. But, by 1915, makers introduced Yellow, Red & Gold bottles too! So, let’s check how to appraise those:

Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle ColorsEstimated Price
Black, White & Gray$20 – 300
Beige, Brown & Amber$30 – 500
Clear & Transparent$10 – 400
Green & Blue$20 – 250
Red, Orange & Yellow$5 – 60
Silver & Golden$5 – 50

Pick vintage Coke bottles with a Tooled, Double-ring, or Flared finish for the best returns.

4. Vintage Coca-Cola Bottle Style

Coca-Cola bottles were made all around the world. So, bottles from each region had unique regional features, labels, and designs on the base. Also, some ditched the typical English logo and used a tweaked Chinese, Afrikaans, or Zulu version.

Want to know more about such local styles? Here’s a list for help:

Old Coke Bottle StylesCollectible FeaturesAverage Value
Japanese Rare Holiday or Anniversary designs, Regional motifs & Printed Japanese labels & logos$10 – 60
MexicanTall, refillable glass bottles with painted labels & a cane sugar stamp$10 – 400
GermanLong or Spherical bottles with a German script logo & labels$5 – 50
South AfricanLocal floral designs & Zulu or Xhosa logos$5 – 60
ChineseHoliday or Cultural-themed bottles with Chinese logos & ingredient list$10 – 80

5. Antique Coca-Cola Bottle Stoppers

You’ll get four types of stoppers for old Coke bottles – Hutchinson, Crown, Screw & Re-sealable. Of these, the crown tops are old & precious, often with metal corks and plastic seals. But, the 1900s resealable ones don’t cost that much due to their plastic bodies.

Let’s see how these different stoppers affect a Coke bottle’s final resale value:

Antique Coke Bottle StoppersTop TraitsAverage Value
Hutchinson Stopper (1894)Simple Wire & Rubber closures for maintaining the carbonation$20 – 300
Crown Cap (1892)Grooved metal caps with a Cork or Plastic seal$10 – 200
Screw Cap (1900s)Simple plastic caps with grooves & a built-in seal$1 – 60
Resealable Caps (1900s)Flip-top caps with flexible plastic gaskets, seals, and top grooves$1 – 40

6. Rare Coke Bottles

Do you know that one of Coca-Cola’s earliest prototypes, the ‘Root Glass Bottle,’ costs $240,000 today? Crazy, right? Well, such rare bottles cost more due to their limited edition make, regional designs, or sports or anniversary series.

Want to know more about them? Check out the table below:

Rare & Valuable Coke BottlesLast Resale Value
Coke Root-Glass Prototype Bottle$240,000
FIFA World Cup Coke Bottle$29,900
Dallas Cowboys’ Coke Bottle$5000
Thailand Coca-Cola ACL Bottle$3350
Seoul Olympic Games Commemorative Bottle$2500
French Wine Coke Bottle$5000

How Big Were Old Coke Bottles? 

Old Coke bottles were roughly 10 – 15 inches tall & 3 – 5 inches wide, with a capacity of 10 – 16 ounces.

Why Were Old Coca-Cola Bottles Green? 

Old Coca-Cola bottles were green due to the Putnam Country sand’s minerals and had nothing to do with the product. But today, such green Coke bottles cost up to $300.

How Do You Clean Old Coke Bottles? 

Fill your Coke bottles with lukewarm water, soak them to soften the dirt, and rub it off with a scouring brush. Now, rinse your bottle with dishwashing liquid and air-dry it for 4-5 hours.

We all spend money on that Coke float, right? But now, it’s time you earn money with Coke, that too for its crude bottle. And for this, you need to check the patents, colors & dates as mentioned above. Also, look for the Olympic or anniversary logos for more value.

And if you love collecting old bottles, check out the identification and value guides on ‘Old Duraglas Bottles,’ ‘Liquor Bottles,’ ‘Medicine Bottles,’ & ‘Perfume Bottles’ now!

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