15 Rarest Cabbage Patch Dolls (Value Guide with Features)

If you’re an 80s or 90s kid, you must be familiar with Cabbage Patch dolls. And you might’ve also noticed that you don’t find them in the market now! Well, the company, ‘Coleco,’ which made these dolls, had to stop production in the 1990s because of bank issues.

But it’s not like we had many Cabbage Patch dolls before that. Since they were handmade, production was slow. So the owner, Xavier, brought machines into play, but people didn’t like the machine-made designs.

That’s why original, handmade doll designs are the rarest. And today, we’re going to explore all those rare, valuable Cabbage Patch dolls, their features, and the costs for your collection!

Key Takeaways

  • Most of the rare Cabbage Patch Dolls have ultra-realistic baby features like rosy cheeks, dimples, powder scents, and original brand signs.
  • Themed dolls, such as the rare Kimono girl, Popcorn girl, or Bride and Groom doll, are highly collectible and valuable.
  • Not all rare Cabbage Patch dolls are white and Caucasian. Some models, such as the Hasbro African-American doll, cost more due to their dark skin and hair!
  • You won’t get foreign-made Patch dolls like the Triang Pedigree, Kimono Girl, and Iddy Budds Ranny easily due to the low export.

Key Features That Make a Cabbage Patch Doll Rare

Rarest Cabbage Patch Dolls with a Christmas Attire

The rare Cabbage Patch dolls would obviously be larger and more ornamented than the rest! But is this all? Definitely not! Here are some special features that you’ll see only in rare dolls:

  • Chubby, rosy cheeks with a short but deep dimple
  • Extra accessories like glasses, braces, and earloops
  • Some life-like infant traits like freckles, powder scents, and rolled baby hair
  • Certified Paperwork – Licenses, Birth certificates, and Adoption papers
  • Holiday, Anniversary, or Charity event badges
  • Signatures from their maker, Xavier Roberts, and other artisans

15 Rarest Cabbage Patch Dolls Worth Money for Every Doll Collector

Let’s check out some of the rarest Cabbage Patch dolls, their key features, and costs below:

1. Triang Pedigree Dolls

If you want original, vintage-looking Cabbage Patch dolls, look no further than Triang Pedigree. One of the most expensive models, this one has noodled yarn hair, frocks, and bib napkins. Also, this one’s made in South Africa! So, the low export makes it rare worldwide.

Unique & Priceless Features:

  • Original trademarks and signed licenses from Xavier Roberts
  • Rooted hair and hand-painted blue or green eyes
  • Hand-stitched shoes, laces, and napkins
Average Price (without Box)$5,500 (the new ones cost up to $1,000)
Release Year1978 – 1980
Licensed ByTriang (Original Appalachian Artworks)

Avoid getting completely bald or yellow-haired Triang Pedigree dolls, as those might be new, first-edition models.

2. Little People Twins (Signed Cabbage Patch Doll)

We all know the original signed and branded models are rare, right? And with these twin dolls, it’s double the value! In fact, you won’t find such hand-sculpted heads and matching clothes, hair, and eyes as they have. So, this one’s surely a star souvenir!

Rare & Valuable Features:

  • Hard vinyl heads, each with hand-carved expressions and personality
  • Wide-set eyes and hair tufts with matching dyes and lenses
  • Original and certified Xavier Roberts sign at the base
  • Printed set of birth certificates and adoption papers
Estimated Price  (with Dress)$3,500 (first-copy replicas can cost up to $500)
Release Year1980
Licensed ByColeco Industries

Look for a baby powder or perfume scent to identify the original twin Cabbage Patch dolls.

3. Teresa Ann Cabbage Dolls

Teresa Ann was every girl’s favorite in role-playing games for many reasons. One, it had a removable dress with hooks and clamps. And second, it had life-like green eyes, dimples, and freckles. Plus, this one has less than 100 models, making it very rare today!

Top Collectible Features:

  • Red or Orange yarn hair with a textured or realistic appearance
  • Embossed details – eyes, freckles, and dimples
  • Removable pink or blue dress with white laces and trims
Estimated Price$1,500 (with a dress) and around $500 (without a dress)
Release Year1985
Licensed ByColeco Industries

4. Yvonne Mellie Cabbage Patch Doll

One of the first Cabbage Patch dolls, Yvonne Mellie, is literally a girl-next-door vibe with her flowery dress, socks, and shoes. You’ll also see cottage-core work, hand-made plastic heads, and eyes. This design is a rare limited edition with less than 100 pieces!

Unique & Rare Features:

  • Soft body, plastic head, and yarn hair
  • Rural and romanticized designs – flowers, leaves, fruits, and bees, on the dress
  • Original birth certificates and paperwork
  • A short and deep dimple near the left chin
Average Price$500 – $1,200 (based on the condition of the box & dress)
Release Year1985
Licensed ByColeco Industries

5. Kimono Girl from Tsukuda, Japan

If you are more into theme games, get the Kimono Girl Cabbage Patch doll from Japan. It’s all dressed up and has a lovely, matching obi (sash) and sandals. Also, this one’s about 16 inches tall, and you’ll get it in a Seiza posture, perfect for high-tea games!

Rare & Special Features:

  • Soft body, vinyl head, and short, blonde hair
  • Colorful, floral kimonos with net belts and bows
  • Original sealed certificates, seller’s notes, and envelopes
Average Price (with Box)$400 – $1,200 (based on the dress & birth papers)
Release Year1980s
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids

6. Mac Jamey Preemie Cabbage Patch Doll

Want a realistic doll that looks almost like a premature baby? Check out the Preemie series doll from Cabbage Patch Kids. This one’s rare because of its original green dungarees, buttons, and bonnets. Plus, these are small and portable, with vinyl bodies weighing only around 3 lbs.

Rare Collectible Features:

  • Original clothes – green dungarees, hospital diapers, and gowns
  • Rooted hair, painted facial features, and blue or green eyes
  • Original birth certificate with weight, birth name, time, and adoption signs
  • Hand-knitted, crochet, or net footwear and bonnets
Average Price (with Box)$800 – $1,000
Release Year1985
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids – Preemie Series

7. Cabbage Patch Popcorn Girl Doll

The Cabbage Patch Popcorn Girl is a rare Christmas doll for all theme-based collectors. It has yellow hair, hats, and flowery dresses to uplift the festive spirit.

This design has less than 1000 pieces worldwide. And the ones with their original boxes and packages are even rarer!

Rare & Pricey Features:

  • Original KT factory production marks, logos, and signs
  • Comes with stamped birth certificates, dresses, and travel bags
  • Unique palm design to hold small objects
Estimated Cost (New, Mint Piece)$1,000
Release Year1986
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids

8. Big Nose Girl Cabbage Patch Doll

If you love quirky dolls, you’ll surely flip over this big-nosed girl from Cabbage Kids. Unlike others, this one has a big, round pokey nose and painted purple eyes. Also, it’s more premium and comes with original heart-shaped tags and engraved dates!

More Valuable Features:

  • Yellow or orange hair in an open, flip hair, or ponytail style
  • Signed birth certificate with name, birth date, and adoption information
  • 16-inch long vinyl body with cloth and fluff-filled sides
Estimated Cost of Used Dolls$650
Release Year1983
Licensed ByEdition Pink Mountain Kids Series by Cabbage Patch Kids

9. Hasbro Signed African – American Doll

If you thought that Cabbage Patch made only tall and fair dolls, you might be wrong! Take this Afro-American black beauty, for example! It has brown skin, thick hair, and dove eyes.

And this one’s rare because Xavier Roberts signed it and added some heart-shaped name tags at the base!

Special & Unique Features:

  • A 19-number head mold with dark brown popcorn hair and plastic heads
  • Might have two missing front teeth
  • Vinyl bodies with small cotton body hair and belly-button
Estimated Cost of Used Dolls$450 (without dress)
Release Year1987
Licensed ByHasbro

10. Richard Russell Patch Doll

Richard Russell is literally a baby! Well, not exactly! But this doll is fully draped like a baby and has its own pacifiers and toys. And since Cabbage Patch Kids stopped making it in 1999, this one is a rare collectible now!

Rare & Top Features:

  • Round face with top hair and bonnets
  • Small 6.5 inches body with animal print or plain clothes and drapes
  • Original hand signs by Xaviers and other artisans
Estimated Cost of New Dolls$450 (with dress)
Release Year1990 – 1999
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids (Sprouts)

11. Cabbage Patch Blonde Girl Aqua Doll

Blonde Girl Aqua is a vacation-themed doll for all picnic lovers worldwide! It has removable dungarees, striped rompers, and washable tees. But what makes it even rarer is its Caucasian persona, white filling, and trekking shoes. So, this one’s a collector’s favorite!

Unique & Special Features:

  • Stamped birth certificate and original ‘Aqua’ signature from Xavier Roberts
  • Curly blonde hair, hand-painted green eyes, and short dimples
  • Detachable pacifiers, bow ties, and hats
Estimated Cost of Used Dolls$400 (with dress)
Release Year1987
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids

12. Iddy Budds Ranny

Iddy Budds Ranny is the only Cabbage Patch doll that looks like a Cabbage itself! I mean, it has a quirky, Cabbage-leaf-like skirt and white scarves that mimic a stalk. And since it’s handmade in Africa, it has less than 700 models worldwide, having a long waiting list!

Unique & Special Features:

  • Curly Blonde or Brown hair and pinkish hair ribbons
  • Traditional African dresses with tops, skirts, and bow ties
  • Original Cabbage Patch birth certificates and adoption papers
Average Price (without Box)$350
Release Year1987
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids

Pick Ranny dolls with brown, black, or blonde hair for a rare make.

13. Cabbage Patch Bride & Groom Couple Dolls

Now, this one’s a limited-edition doll for weddings. These are obviously precious due to their rare wedding outfits, brand signs, and brunette hair. But what makes them rarer is their Japanese and original import stamps. Plus, each one has a special wedding box of its own!

Top & Rare Features:

  • White satin and lace gowns with veils for the bride
  • Velvet Tuxedos, bowties, and shoes for the groom
  • Certified wedding accessories with hearts and flowers
Estimated Cost of New Dolls$300 (without packaging)
Release Year1980 – 1989
Licensed ByCabbage Patch Kids

14. Cabbage Patch Special Care Bears Edition Dolls

If you want cartoonish or character-bed dolls, this Special Care Bears Edition is for you! This model has two characters – Jaclyn Sydney and Cheer Bear. You’ll easily spot them with their bear or night-wear dresses, brown hair, and machine-made finishes.

But apart from that, here are some more rare traits:

  • Original, signed adoption papers and legal parent advisory
  • Encased accessories – pacifiers and night sets
  • Heart-shaped tags with an engraved name and birthdate
Estimated Cost of Used Dolls$300 – 500
Release Year1980, but there are some first-edition models from the 2000s too!
Licensed ByColeco Industries

15. Ann Greta

Ann Greta is one of the hyper-realistic dolls from Cabbage Kids. Like, it comes with fiery red, braided or popcorn hair, pacifiers, shoes, and bows. In fact, you’ll also see German dirndl dresses and aprons that you won’t get elsewhere! So this one’s a rare regional collectible!

Unique & Special Features:

  • Traditional German outfits – white dirndl dress, aprons, wooden shoes, and braids
  • 16-inches doll with hand-painted blue eyes and a light smile
  • Rooted shag hair and matching checkered skirts
Average Price (without Box)$250 (for Used)
Release Year1985
Licensed ByColeco Industries

What Was the Original Price of Old Cabbage Patch Dolls?

Old Cabbage Patch dolls typically cost $100 – 3000 as per their size, shape, rarity, and color. Also, dolls with their original packaging, boxes, and dresses cost more than the others.

Do All Cabbage Patch Dolls Have a Signature?

No, all Cabbage Patch dolls don’t have signatures! You’ll only see the sign on rare, handmade, or limited-edition pieces, and that’s on the left bum cheeks.

What Do Rare Cabbage Patch Dolls Smell Like?

Rare Cabbage dolls have a fruity scent —grape or strawberry, baby powder, or floral perfume. In fact, none of them smelled like their materials, plastic or felt!

Cabbage Patch dolls stole the hearts of every 80s and 90s kid! But today, these have become rare collectibles due to high demand and low exports! So, collectors literally start waiting lists for all the models you see above!

But now that you know the costs of each, you can save some time in the research and join a wish list immediately! If you want exclusive lists of other collectible toys, such as expensive beyblades or branded teddies, join me now!

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