13 Toys Every Girl Wanted in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, Now Worth a Fortune

No matter how old you are, looking at the things you were attached to as a kid makes you nostalgic. So, get ready as I take you down memory lane to relive your childhood with these 13 most loved toys from the 50s, 60s, and 70s! 

1. The Classic Barbie Dolls (Most Expensive Dolls Worth Thousands)

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Source: eBay – steviebssteven

Who doesn’t remember Barbie Dolls? First introduced in 1959, these dolls have been the most popular toys among girls since the 60s. Their stylish outfits and fashion accessories, like handbags, goggles, necklaces, shoes, and backpacks, make them enjoyable for girls. 

But did you know these vintage Barbie dolls are worth quite a fortune today? That’s right! One of the most expensive Barbie doll, the original 1950s Ponytail Doll with Black & White stripped dress have sold for $5,000 to $12,000 or more, depending on the condition.

2. Cabbage Patch Dolls (Sold for $12,000?)

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Source: eBay – thecabbagepatchofnewyork

Like Barbies, Cabbage Patch Dolls were girls’ favorites in the 80s and 90s for their cloth bodies and plastic heads, with funny yarn hair, cute outfits, and rosy cheeks. Their unique names, personalities, and ethnic features, also made them a must-have toy for girls.

Surprisingly, these vintage collectible stuffed dolls are worth quite a fortune today, with rare dolls selling for thousands of dollars. One such rare Little People doll from Cabbage Patch won a bid of $12,500 on eBay!

3. Easy-Bake Ovens

EASY BAKE OVEN Original Box Ebay 1
Source: eBay – Wonderworld Comics and Toys

If you were into baking as a kid, you’d surely remember the nostalgic Easy-Bake Oven. These kids-friendly oven sets used a light bulb (for heat) to bake small quantities of food and came with cake, cookie, and brownie mixes, too! 

This one has been a classic girl toy since the 60s, with the original sets selling for up to $300 to $400

4. Etch A Sketch

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Source: eBay – bidderinnh

This mechanical drawing toy was something every girl from the 60s and 70s would’ve bragged about. Its simple charging-free and Wi-Fi-free functioning made it the kids’ favorite toy. 

Although new models of Etch A Sketch are available in the market, the vintage ones from the 60s or 70s are collectible, worth a few hundred dollars. The original red Etch-A-Sketch No. 505 sold for over a $370!

5. Sunshine Family Dolls

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Source: eBay – momsmadhouse.48160

Mattel’s Sunshine Family Doll sets, including a mother, father, and their two/three kids dolls, had its own craze among the 70s girls. The exciting characters and stories of these possible dolls still attract the eyes of women who collect them. 

The Sunshine Family Dolls may have gone out of production, but they’re not out of fashion. You can still get those large family sets with houses and other accessories for $400 – $500, and small sets for about $150 – $200


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Source: eBay – grandmaws_trunk

Did you own a talking doll when you were a kid? If yes, it must’ve been the classic Mattel’s “Chatty Cathy!” It was a mega-hit from 1959 to 1965, as the first talking doll that spoke various phrases and came with different characters. 

The exciting part is that today, these nostalgic dolls can be worth a fortune. A rare African American Chatty Cathy Doll sold for a whopping $480 on eBay!

7. Mr. Potato Head

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Source: Etsy – VintageCardsandGoods

Yes, we’re talking about your favorite childhood toy, Mr. Potato Head that came with detachable parts like eyes, mouths, ears, noses, and hats. But did you know this toy was originally manufactured as a REAL POTATO head with separate pushpin attachments?

But, of course, the potato would rot. So, Hasbro replaced it with a plastic potato, which became so popular, that it was featured in Toy Story franchise, too. Today, the original potato head toys sell for around $40 to $100.

8. Troll Dolls (The Trolls Movie Characters)

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Source: eBay – abbycatantiques

If you loved the animated film Trolls, I’m sure you must’ve been a fan of the popular Troll Dolls in the 60s! Also known as Dam Dolls, these dolls were popular for their unique characters with the signature long, colorful, straight-up-combed hair.

These dolls have been featured in movies and sold as unique action figures and soft toys. But the value of original Troll Dolls stays unmatched. A rare 1965 Dam Things troll doll sold for about $680, while a set of seven Dolls was bid for over $1,670 on eBay!

9. Little People Play Family House

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Source: eBay – dogduluth

This ’60s toy was every little girl’s dream gift back then! It’s one of Fisher-Price’s most popular toys, featuring a portable full-fledged house with five Little People family characters (dad, mom, two kids, and a dog).

With the original blue and yellow Little People House being the rarest, it holds a high-value today, selling for $150 – $200.

10. Lite Brite

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Source: eBay – BeatleManU2: Vintage & Collectibles

This 60s toy will bring the artistic kid inside you alive. It had a light box with slots where you could fit tiny colored plastic pegs, which then lit up to create an illuminated image.

Over the years, the toy saw many changes, like the flat-screen and FX edition with a spinning musical screen. But the original LiteBrite is the real OG and is worth $100 – $150 today!

11. Kids’ Favorite “Crazy Foam”

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Source: eBay – cooverscollectibles

Remember the foam soap all your friends wanted when they visited your home? It’s the nostalgic vintage Crazy Foam known for its colorful can designs with pop culture characters like Popeye, Wonder Woman, Peppe Pig, and many others. 

While the craze of Crazy Foam disappeared in the 1990s with the product itself, it came back to life as a 3-in-1 soap, shampoo, and conditioner in 2015. But the original Crazy Foam with unique character themes like Batman, are, costing around as much as $100 – $200

12. The NOSTALGIC Rocking Horse

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Source: eBay – nhantiquecoop

Rocking chairs are a classic toy that’s been around for centuries. The earliest rocking chairs were made of hand-painted wood, but over the years, they improved with additional features like fur, cushioned seats, etc. 

However, antique rocking horses, from 19th or 20th centuries in good condition are still highly sought after by collectors. Depending on the features, age, and condition, they generally fetch $100 – $300 today, while the antique rocking horses can make up to $500 – $800, or even a few thousands.

13. Barrel of Monkeys

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Source: eBay – Canoe Creek Mercantile

Remember trying to make a ‘monkey chain’ the height of the door? Well, you sure had fun with the Barrel of Monkeys. It’s one of the classic toys popular among kids of all ages, especially the 60s and 70s.

The interesting thing is that these are a worth a lot, too, with the earliest, original barrels from the 60s easily selling for $40 – $50 today.

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