Madame Alexander Dolls Value & Identification (Quick Guide)

Madame Alexander dolls have made a special place in the doll world. They ruled it before Mattel’s fashion doll, Barbie, came into existence. No wonder every doll collector wants a rare vintage Madame Alexander doll on his display!

Whether you want to buy or sell an old Alexander doll, you must know whether it’s real, its series name, rarity, and age to assign it the right value. This price guide will help you with that!

Brief History of Madame Alexander Dolls

Madame Alexander dolls came into existence in 1923 when American dollmaker Madame Beatrice Alexander Behrman founded the Madame Alexander Company in New York. Beatrice is popular for producing dolls of living people.

The legacy of Madame Alexander dolls began with the company’s first-ever doll, ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ doll, which is based on the character, Scarlett O’Hara from the film, ‘Gone with the Wind.’ The company went on to make many memorable dolls based on movies and storybook characters.

Beatrice also made dolls of U.S. Government personnel, like Queen Elizabeth II and the First Ladies of Government. In 1955, the company released the ‘Cissy’ doll, which became the face mold of America’s first “fashion doll” and is hailed as a pre-Barbie doll.

The company was finally sold to Kahn Lucas, owner of girls lifestyle and fashion brand Dollie & Me, in 2012. Madame Alexander Company continues to create limited-edition dolls for Madame Alexander Doll Club members.

Finding the Value of Madame Alexander Dolls

The value of common Madame Alexander dolls ranges between $100 – $500, while older dolls from the 1950s and rarer, limited edition doll models can fetch up to $20,000 – $50,000.

You can assess the true worth of a Madame Alexander doll using the following steps.

Analyze the Condition

A vintage Madame Alexander doll in excellent condition without damage, cracks, wear, and tear is highly valued by collectors. Apart from the body, the doll’s original clothing should also be intact without any tear or fade for the doll to be collectible.

Look for the Original Box & Accessories

Each Madame Alexander doll showcases distinctive outfits and accessories that set it apart from others (as the faces of all dolls are almost identical). So, Collectors value antique dolls with their original accessories, boxes, and tags. Without the box and accessories, a doll’s value could significantly drop.

Check the Material

The earliest Madame Alexander dolls were made of a composite material (sawdust, glue, cornstarch, wood flour, and other binders) during the 1920s and 1940s. These ‘composition-material’ Madame Alexander dolls can fetch up to $20,00 today.

Post World War II, the company switched to hard plastic and vinyl dolls. Special plastic or vinyl dolls can also fetch hefty returns based on the rarity of the model and condition. For example, a rare 1957 Cissy Redhead doll was sold for $4,800 on eBay!

The company also made limited collectible dolls in porcelain, which are quite valuable and in demand among collectors.

Check the Doll’s Size

Obviously, large 18″ and 21″ Madame Alexander dolls are worth more. An 18” rare “Fashion of a Century” doll sold for $25,000 at Theriault’s auction. On the other hand, small dolls measuring around 8 inches fetch low returns.

Explore the Rarity & Demand

Generally, rarer Madame Alexander doll models that were manufactured in limited editions or for a short period of time sell for much higher prices. This rare 1955 Madame Alexander Lucille Ball Doll, auctioned for $8,750, is a perfect example.

Popular Madame Alexander Doll Series

Starting in 1923, Madame Alexander Doll Company has produced countless dolls and series. One of its most popular dolls is the 8-inch Wendy doll, which generally sells for $500 – $600, and Cissy dolls.

Here are the other most popular Madame Alexander doll series you must look for:

Fashion Doll Series:

This series comprises fashion dolls with exquisite outfits showcasing vintage fashion trends. These dolls mostly come with matching accessories. Madame Alexander’s Cissy dolls are the most popular fashion dolls.

Storybook Series:

This Madame Alexander doll series is based on iconic characters drawn from classic children’s literature, fairy tales, and nursery rhymes, such as “Alice in Wonderland,’ ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ ‘Sleeping Beauty,’ and many more.

Historical Figures Series:

This series comprises famous historical figures, including U.S. Presidents, First Ladies, and notable personalities from various epochs. Madame Alexander’s ‘Queen Elizabeth II’ dolls are popular dolls from this series.

Hollywood Stars and Movies Series:

This series is based on popular movie stars and characters from classic Hollywood films. A few popular dolls from this series are the ‘Scarlett O’Hara’ doll, ‘Dorothy,’ and ‘Wicked Witch of the West!’

Ballet Series:

Madame Alexander Ballet Dolls Series is inspired by ballet dancers. These dolls feature exquisite costumes and fancy ballet shoes. ‘Wendy Loves the Ballet’ and ‘Deborah Ballerina’ are two popular dolls from this series.

First Ladies Series:

This doll series is based on the First Ladies of the United States, including the ‘Ellen Wilson’ doll, ‘Martha Washington,’ and others.

Baby Doll Series:

This is a series of realistic baby dolls with adorable features, like big eyes, soft smiles, and baby clothes in pastel shades. The Baby Genius Doll is the most popular doll from the series worth up to $300 – $400.

Literary Characters Series:

These dolls are based on popular stories and literary characters, such as “Little Women” and “Anne of Green Gables.”

Mystery Doll Series:

Madame Alexander released a six-doll series, ‘The Mystery Dolls,’ in 1951. These dolls are quite rare as they were never displayed in any of Madame Alexander’s catalogs, making them extremely precious.

Most Valuable Madame Alexander Dolls Ever Sold!

A Vintage Madame Alexander Doll

1. “Pink Champagne” Portrait Lady (946)

This Madame Alexander doll is one of the six “Mystery Doll” series models. As the name states, the doll showcases an embroidered pink lace gown, along with a floral hat, and a matching purse. This doll was reportedly auctioned for a whopping $44,000 at Theriault’s!

2. “Antoinette” from Portrait Series

This rare, 21-inch large doll from Madame Alexander’s Portrait Series represented Marie Antoinette of the 18th Century Royal Court. It displays a realistic vinyl doll with a stunning vintage bodice in a light peach color with metallic golden borders. It was sold for $20,000 in Theriault’s Auction.

3.  “Cissy 2095” (Cissy Walking the Dog)

In 1955, Madame Alexander released its first American fashion doll, Cissy, in the Walking the Dog ensemble, which was reportedly sold for over $17,000. The doll clothes comprise an off-white top, a black silk skirt, and a black hat. The doll holds a black leash attached to a white dog.

4. 1958 Cissy In a Flowery Dress

This gorgeous blonde Cissy doll flaunts a pretty painted tulle gown with a floral print, a matching hat with a big pink flower stitched on the top, and fingerless gloves. You’ll also see a pearl necklace on her neck, a rhinestone ring, and earrings. It won a bid of $5,500 on eBay!

5. 1950s McGuffey Ana Doll

This rare doll has a black velvet coat ensemble with a black overhat with pink satin bows and a black sling bag. Inside the coat, there’s a baby pink lace dress with a pink cap. The doll is tagged “McGuffey Ana” at the back of the outfit. This Madame Alexander doll fetched about $4,700!

Spotting a Real Madame Alexander Doll

You can identify a genuine vintage Madame Alexander doll with the following cues:

  • Original Box: The first authentication mark of a real Madame Alexander doll is its original box, which has the company name and other details on it.
  • Authentication Certificate or Tag: Each doll comes with an authentication certificate/tag inside the box, which is the key to verifying its model. You may also find a wrist tag. These tags confirm the doll’s name, year, the series or collection it’s from, or if it’s from a limited edition.
  • Stitched Labels: All Madame Alexander dolls have a small label made of cloth stitched to the doll’s original outfits. This label has the company name as well as the doll’s character name on it.
  • Body Markings: The real Madame Alexander dolls are marked ‘Alexander Doll ©,’ often with the manufacturing year, on the back of the head or neck to verify their authenticity. 

Madame Alexander dolls are one of the most valuable collectibles in great demand, all thanks to their exotic retro style, fashion, and themes. So, if you have an old Madame Alexander doll, use this guide to find its right value. I also have a guide for Marie Osmond Dolls, Annalee Dolls, and Effanbee Dolls, that you can check out!

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