Precious Moments Figurines Value & Identification (Guide)

If you love collecting figurines like me, you’ve definitely across Precious Moments figurines at least once! I still remember the first time I saw these adorable figurines at an antique store – it was love at first sight! Those teardrop-eyed kids handpainted in pastel shades had my heart!

Precious Moments figurines have been a gem in the collectors’ world; I’ve seen some rare ones selling for hundreds and thousands! But not all figurines are worth big bucks. Let’s see how you can find the true value of the Precious Moments figurines and some of the most expensive finds!

A Brief About Precious Moments Figurines

The legacy of Precious Moments figurines started in 1975 when the artist Samuel J. Butcher and his business partner Bill Biel decided to put life into Mr. Butcher’s teardrop-eyed children’s paintings he made under the pen name “Jonathan & David.” 

The first figurine produced in 1978 was the representation of Mr. Butcher’s Precious Moments artwork titled “Love One Another.” It’s still one of the most popular figurines among collectors.

The company released the first 21 figurines as the Original 21 collection. While 20 of these first 21 models have been retired, the “Love One Another” figurine is still being produced by the company after it partnered with Enesco, Corp., and is available on the Precious Moments website.

The brand has also introduced annual membership clubs, exclusive figurines, and special editions, which are greatly popular among figurine collectors.

How to Value a Precious Moments Figurine

Precious Moments Baby Figurine

The value of a Precious Moments figurine generally ranges from $10 to $100. Rare, exclusive, and signed single figurines can sell for a few hundred dollars, while big collections can be worth a thousand dollars or more.

This value, as you can guess, depends on a few significant factors, which are:


Like a limited edition vintage toy, Precious Moments figurines that were made in small quantities or have been retired are often more valuable. “We Would See Jesus” is such a rare figurine that collectors often look for. A rare “We Would See Jesus” Chapel Exclusive figurine won a high bid of $1,600 on eBay!


The better condition a figurine is in, the more it’s worth. So, there should be no chips, cracks, fading, or missing pieces on the figurine. Original packaging can also increase the value, so if it has its original box and labels, it’ll be worth more.


Some specific figurines are more popular than others. For example, characters figurines from special series or ones representing memorable moments like birthdays and anniversaries can be more sought after, such as the “Sweeter As The Years Go By” and “God Bless You on Your Birthday” figurines.


Generally, older Precious Moments figurines made in the first few years of production, starting from 1978, are the most sought-after. These older pieces become harder to find over time, making them rarer and more precious.

Marks & Creator’s Signatures

Special marks or creator Sam Butcher’s signature can make a Precious Moments figurine more unique and valuable. Sometimes, rare production marks or artist’s autographs can turn a regular figurine into a collectible. Earlier pieces with “Jonathan & David” marks are also highly valuable. A signed “Love One Another” figurine was sold for $645 on eBay!

Exclusive Releases

Figurines exclusive to certain events, occasions, or clubs often have more value. If a figurine was only available through a specific collector’s club, it might be more valuable because not everyone could get one.

The Precious Moments Original 21 Collection

Precious Moments Boy Figurine

While the company has made thousands of figurines since its inception in 1978, the first 21 models, known as the Original 21 collection, are worth big bucks!

  • Jesus Loves Me (Boy) (E-1372B)
  • Jesus Loves Me (Girl) (E-1372G)
  • Smile God Loves You (E-1373B)
  • Jesus Is The Light (E-1373G)
  • Praise The Lord Anyhow (E-1374B)
  • Make A Joyful Noise (E-1374G)
  • Love Lifted Me (E-1375A)
  • Prayer Changes Things (E-1375B)
  • Love One Another (E-1376)
  • He Leadeth Me (E-1377A)
  • He Careth For You (E-1377B)
  • God Loveth A Cheerful Giver (E-1378)
  • Love Is Kind (E-1379A)
  • God Understands (E-1379B)
  • O, How I Love Jesus (E-1380B)
  • His Burden Is Light (E-1380G)
  • Jesus Is The Answer (E-1381)
  • We Have Seen His Star (E-2010)
  • Come Let Us Adore Him (E-2011)
  • Jesus Is Born (E-2012)
  • Unto Us, A Child Is Born (E-2013)

5 Most Expensive Precious Moments Figurines to Look For!

1. “A Hui Hou” Signed Figurine (Sold for $2,180)

This figurine was exclusively released for the Precious Moments Collectors’ Club on the occasion of the 25th Anniversary Hawaiian Celebration. as marked on the bottom. It features an adorable girl in a pastel Hawaiian dress and a floral band on her head.

Since it’s signed by Sam Butcher, it’s even more precious. Despite being produced in 2005, this rare figurine was sold for a whopping $2,180 on eBay!

2. “A Wonderful Dream Come True” Music Box Figurine (Sold for $1,600)

This rare Precious Moments figurine music box from the “Disney Showcase Collection” sold for $1,599. It’s a lovely depiction of Princess Cinderella in a baby blue gown standing next to her carriage and the music box plays the tune “A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes.” The original box and label at the bottom made this Disney figurine quite valuable!

3. “We Would See Jesus” Chapel Exclusive Figurine (Sold for $1,600)

One of the 1500 pieces from the Precious Moments Chapel Exclusive Collection, this rare 9-inch figurine was purchased at a high price of $1,600 on eBay in January. This figurine shows two little boys and a young girl riding a camel. All three kids are wearing crowns with gemstones.

4. “Share the Gift of Love” Exclusive Figurine 159020 (Sold for $1,000)

This figurine is the 114th edition of the exclusive series of 1000, as marked on the bottom. It displays a little boy and girl lying on the grass in front of a Bonsai tree with pink flowers. It was sold for $1,000 on eBay, becoming one of the most expensive Precious Moments figurines!

5. A 75-piece Collection of Precious Moments Figurines (Sold for 1,000)

A huge collection of 75 Precious Moments figurines in excellent condition, along with a glass doll house, was sold for a total of $1,000 on eBay! Another lot of around 1,200 figurines is listed at the price of $1,500 on eBay!

Identify a Real Valuable Precious Moments Figurine

Genuine Precious Moments figurines in good condition will have the logos and other details marked at the bottom. To spot them, do the following:

  • Look for the “Precious Moments” logo painted on the bottom of the figurines.
  • Find the figurine name painted at the base.
  • Look for the “Exclusive Series” mark or series name printed at the base of the figurines listed as “exclusive.”
  • The Disney Precious Moments figurine must have the “Disney Showcase Collection” marked at the bottom.
  • Look for the date of production, edition number,

Whether you’re buying a new Precious Moments figurine for your collection or selling your old ones, it’s best to know their worth before you make the deal! If you got other vintage figurines, such as Hummel figurines, Goebel figurines, or Lladro figurines, I have detailed guides to identify and value them, too!

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