16 Vintage Glassware Worth (Value, Features & More 2023)

From grand dining halls to modest homes, glassware has been used all around the world for centuries. But as the years passed, the technique of making glassware became more refined. And those handmade glass pieces became rare, sought-after treasures.

So clearly, aged glassware pieces are extremely valuable today! And avid collectors are always behind in getting the rarest models first! If you’re one of those, here are 15 vintage glassware pieces you must not miss!

Key Takeaways

  • Unique colored art glasses like Ruby red, amber, green, and Marigold items can fetch up to thousands of dollars. 
  • Carnival, Depression, Milk Glass, & Crystal Glassware items are the most sought-after by collectors. 
  • Branded glassware pieces, such as Old Baccarat, Hazel Atlas, Fenton, etc., are considered valuable.

What Makes Vintage Glassware Valuable & Rare?

Rare Vintage Glassware

Want to know if your old glassware is worth a lot of money or not? Take note of these key traits:

  • Featuring unique patterns, designs, and art
  • Art Glass, Depression Glassware, carnival glass, Crystal glassware, and Milk Glass items
  • Distinctive glassware shapes
  • Heavy and decorated glassware
  • Signs of early hand-blowing glass technique

16 Most Valuable Glassware to Own Today!

Let’s check out 16 exquisite vintage glassware pieces & sets that can make any collector turn heads!

1. Bohemian Ruby Red Engraved Art Glass

This rare and authentic pair of Bohemian vases can be spotted with their unique trumpet shape and shiny Ruby red glass make. The design features interesting forest scenes with elements like flowers, rabbits, deer, birds, trees, etc.

Key Features to Identify: 

  • Antique intaglio-engraved designs
  • Six outwardly curved facets; thick foliage on three facets and flowers on the other three 
  • Inverted pear-shaped waist embellished with forest scenes
  • Six-panel base with engraved ruby cut glass designs
Estimated Cost $20,000 – $40,000 (Original)
OriginCzech Republic
Manufacturing Year1830 -1850s
ColorClear, Ruby Red

2. Rare 18th Century Five Knop Air Twist Wine Glass

An antique model from the 18th century, this wine glass features a beautiful stem with an air twist and a conical base. On top, you’ll see a bucket-style bowl with a smooth wide mouth.

Key Features to Spot: 

  • Five swelling knops in the stem
  • Multi-spiral air twist stem 
Estimated Cost $7,000
PatternPressed Spiral
Manufacturing Year1750s
Item Height16 cm

3. Old Baccarat Red and Clear Liqueur Service Set 

This expensive liqueur service set of two carafes and seven cups displays a beautiful light red and clear crystal composition. The entire set is embellished with exciting golden and enamel designs.

Important Features to Verify: 

  • Three-dimensional art of butterflies, flowers, & birds to the glassware
  • Golden borders on the round bases of carafes and mouths of the cups
  • Carafes have a light red body and neck and clear handles, and globe-shaped stoppers
  • Unique hexagonal patterns on stoppers
Estimated Cost $3,500 – $4,000
Brand/MakerOld Baccarat
PatternCut Glass
Manufacturing Year1900-1919
Color Clear, Light Red, Golden
Item Height16 cm

4. Vintage Salviati 24K Gold Murano Art Glass Service Set 

If you like a minimal lavish dinner set, this vintage Salviati service set is for you. Made of clear glass, this glassware is adorned with peach-tinted glass prunts. And if you look closely, you’ll see tiny gold specks in the glass, which makes it quite valuable!

Notable Features: 

  • Pale peach applied glass prunts
  • 24K gold pecks 
  • Visible bubbles in all pieces
  • 23-piece set – including six plates, six bowls, two goblets, & nine Champagne Coups
Estimated Cost $3,500
PatternHand-blown Glass
Manufacturing Year1935
ColorAmber Glass, White Art

5. Fritz Heckert Amber Glass Pokal Goblet

This colored glass-covered goblet (pokal) is the icing on the cake for your collection. It features a beautiful amber-tinted glass with detailed art of a woman donning a flowy white dress.

Key Features to Identify: 

  • Bohemian art glass 
  • White polka dots in a flower shape decoration on the bowl 
  • White dots decoration on the groovy stem
  • A golden-color border on the bowl edge
  • Flat base 
Estimated Cost $3,000
Brand/MakerFritz Heckert
PatternHand-blown Glass
Manufacturing Year1880-1890
ColorAmber Glass, White Art
Item Height15 inches (Approx.)

6. Antique Marigold Carnival Glass Round Bowl

Made in the USA during the early 20th century, this special bowl can be identified with its royal golden-tone orange color, which collectors know as Marigold. Apart from that, it showcases an intricate cut-glass or molded design.

Notable Features: 

  • Ornate antique geometric cut patterns all around the body
  • Soft scalloped or sawtooth edge
  • Made during a limited time period (1904-1910)
Estimated Cost $300
GlassCarnival Glass
Manufacturing Year1904 – 1910
ColorMarigold (Golden Orange Tone)

7. Antique Painted Goblet Bohemian Glass

This exquisite hand-blown goblet glass looks royal because of its amber-yellow glass and blue paint decoration. You will also notice a golden-yellow lazura on the mouth’s edge.

Special Features to Spot: 

  • Beautiful scroll patterns and meaningful painted and engraved equestrian motifs
  • A meaningful theme – an accident caused by drunk driving
  • Amber glass made with yellow lazura and blue paint 
  • Seven purple-colored raised panels around the base and the foot
Estimated Cost $800
StyleBohemian Glass
PatternEngraved, Painted
Manufacturing Year1845
ColorYellow Glass with Blue Lazura
Item Height17.5 cm

8. Antique Dugan Glass Co. Iridized Amethyst Glassware 

If you’re looking for antique glassware, you can’t miss Amethyst pieces! This unique Dugan Glass Co. set of a punch bowl and seven cups displays intricate patterns of fruits on the purple glass surface. Thick walls in a deep dark purple color with iridescent colors.

Special Features to Spot: 

  • Iridized Amethyst purple glass make
  • Punchbowl with thick walls and a ruffled edge 
  • Detailed embossed patterns of grapes with leaves on all units’ outer surface
  • Cherry & leaves motifs on the inner surface of the bowl
Estimated Cost $700
Brand/MakerDugan Glass Co.
StyleCarnival Glass
PatternEmbossed Fruits Patterns
Manufacturing Year1900s

9. Octagonal Milk Glass Punch Bowl Set

This unique milk glass punch bowl set features an octagonal punchbowl and twelve punch cups with a hobnail pattern. You will also spot a sawtooth edge on the bowl’s mouth.

Features to Spot: 

  • Smooth and plane inner surfaces
  • Punchbowl with eight flat panels
  • 4-ounce ladle
Estimated Cost $500
StyleMilk Glass
PatternHobnail Pattern
Manufacturing Year1950s
ColorMilk White

10. Antique Georgian Cut Glass Decanters Pair

Dating back to the 1800s, the Georgian cut glass decanters are quite popular among collectors. The reason is their sharp and detailed cuts and unique mallet shapes.

Identifying Features: 

  • Pineapple-style diamond cuts on the middle body
  • Ringed neck with criss-cross cut patterns
  • Mushroom stoppers on the top
  • Wide, smooth edge on the mouth
Estimated Cost $300 – $500
PatternGeorgian Cut Glass
Manufacturing Year1800-1811
Item Height9.5 inches (Approx.) with Stopper

11. Royal Lace Depression Glass Hazel Blue Cookie Jar

Antique depression glassware is a rare collectible, especially when it has that unique cobalt blue tint. This Hazel Atlas Depression glass cookie jar flaunts its blue hue and smooth, pressed scroll pattern.

Key Features to Verify: 

  • Beautiful pressed patterns on the jar and the domed lid
  • Visible mold seams and uneven edges
  • A round molding ring at the bottom hinting the original hand-blowing technique
Estimated Cost $150
Brand/MakerHazel Atlas
PatternPressed Scroll 
Manufacturing Year1934 -1941
ColorCobalt Blue
Item Height7.5 inches

12. Chinese Peking Glass Hand-Carved Vase

This rare Antique Chinese vase looks astonishing with its beautiful milk-white and red glass combination. This Peking glassware item can be spotted with its ornately carved (Peking) decoration of Chinese men/women, trees, birds, leaves, and a peacock.

Valuable Features: 

  • Chinese milk white and red Peking Glass construction
  • Hand-carved and hand-painted body
  • Bottom marked with Chinese letters on the red glass
  • Red edge on the mouth
Estimated Cost $800 – $1,000
Brand/MakerUnnamed but Marked
PatternPeking Carved
Manufacturing Year1850-1899
ColorMilk White, Red
Item Height10 inches (Approx.)

13. Early Blown Textured Green Glass Jug

This antique hand-blown glass jar looks quite unique with its long neck and bulbous body. And the green tint and groovy texture make this pre-1800 jug distinctive in itself!

Key Features to Note: 

  • A single handle on the jug
  • Visible joint seams when the handle is attached
  • Curved base
Estimated Cost $150
Manufacturing Year18th Century (Pre-1800)
ColorOlive Green
Item Height16 cm (Approx.)

14. Blue Northwood Carnival Glass Peacock & Urn Bowl

This is a special antique glass bowl that will grab your eyes with its rainbowy colors and unique engravings. Featuring blue carnival glass, this large size bowl can be spotted with its rainbow glass and gilded carved decoration.

Key Features to Note: 

  • Sawtooth or scalloped edge
  • Detailed carving of bearded peacock, urn, flowers, and leaves 
Estimated Cost $400
PatternCarved Peacock, Urn, Floral, Leaves
Manufacturing YearPre-1940
ColorOlive Green
Item Width9 inches (Approx.)

15. Marigold Carnival Glass Punchbowl Set with Stand 

A luxurious antique glassware set to glam up your dining table! This set of a punchbowl (with stand) and four cups is made of Marigold carnival glass. You can spot unique and sharp hobstar and flower patterns all around.

Key Features to Note: 

  • Sawtooth edge on the punchbowl mouth
  • Sharp and edgy pressed patterns 
  • Detachable stand/pedestal with intricate patterns for the punchbowl
  • Iridized finish on the items
Estimated Cost $450
Brand/MakerImperial Glass & Co.
PatternCarved Peacock, Urn, Floral, Leaves
Manufacturing Year1910-1920s
Item MeasurementsBowl – 5 inches tall & 12 inches wide; Cups: 2 inches tall & 3 inches wide

16. Depression Glass Amber Bowl with Gold Gilt 

This beautiful Depression Glass bowl in deep amber color is a rare find. And the highlight of this bowl is its gold gilt Intaglio Art which makes it look REAL expensive!

Key Features to Identify: 

  • A wide golden border on the edge 
  • Finely detailed gilt Intaglio decoration on the border with seven diamond-shaped clear glass panels
Estimated Cost $100
PatternEmbossed Scrolling
Manufacturing Year1920s
ColorAmber, Gilt
Item Width11 inches (Approx.)

We hope this list of the most valuable antique glassware will help you add a fine antique to your collection now. But if you’re still confused, hop on to my identification guides on antique cut glass patterns, crystal patterns, & pressed glass patterns to know what’s valuable!

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