Top 16 Rarest Beanie Boos Worth Money (Values & Features)

It’s been over 30 years since Ty Warner released the first Beanie Boos in 1993. But vintage collectors are still struggling to get their favorite themed plushies. Why? Because some of these beanie boos were limited, some were regional, and some were just so darn rare!

And even if you find one, it’s difficult to know whether it’s a rare model or a replica. But here’s a one-stop solution to this! Today, we’ll explore all such rare beanie boos and discuss their features and costs! So save this page and follow for more!

Key Takeaways

  • The original and rare beanie boos feature realistic animal & bird plushies with original heart tags and birth dates.
  • Foreign, regional beanie boos like Peanut the Elephant, Kooky the Koala Bear, and Bubblegum the Lemur are hard to get worldwide.
  • Pick Halloween White Ghost, Sneaky the Halloween Cat, and Trixie if you want a themed beanie boo. 
  • Love McDonald’s? Look no further than the Original Mc Bear and Henry Bear Beanie Boo for all your happy meals.

Identification Features of Rare & Valuable Beanie Boos

Rarest Dog-shaped Beanie Boos with Button Eyes and Noses

You all might have seen a common squishy beanie boo with small eyes, fur, and nails. Well, the rare ones also have the same features, but those are a bit larger and glossier. But apart from that, you’ll also see some extra traits as follows:

  • Realistic animal designs – cats, dogs, pandas, koalas, monkeys, and bears
  • Heart-shaped tags with embossed names and birthdates
  • Special-themed designs for Christmas, Easter, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day
  • Low-pile polyester plush with shimmery sequin designs and laces
  • Might have heart-shaped or glow-in-the-dark horns and noses

16 Rarest Beanie Boos for Every Vintage Plushie Collector

Now, Ty Warner’s focus wasn’t always on mass production and budget. At times, he even released some quirky products that are so rare today. Let’s check out those rare pieces!

1. Peanut, the Elephant

Did you ever imagine you’d hug an elephant? With Peanut the Elephant, you can! And its silky loose beanbag body and mohair make it even more squishy! This one’s a region-specific UK model, making it rare elsewhere!

Unique & Rare Features:

  • Exclusive blue mohair with black buttoned eyes 
  • Original certificates of authenticity with stamped name and year
  • Beanbag-filling and loose-stuffing
Average Price (New & Packed)$3,000 (First-edition models cost up to $300)
Release DateJune 10, 2009
BirthdayMarch 22

Get elephants with pink ears and trunk tips for a rare, original make. The all-gray models might be new and cheaper.

2. New MWMT’s Christmas Dog

Want a top-secret beanie boo that wasn’t even released to the public? Welcome this festive spy dog from MWMT. This looks fun but has a fierce muscular body and spots, just like a Dalmatian. And it also comes with an acrylic packing box that hikes its cost!

Rare Features:

  • Christmas-themed patterns with red and green spots
  • Extra accessories like Santa’s hat and scarves
  • Rare beanbag filling and mohair
Average Price (New & Packed)$1,500 (based on condition)
Release Year2001

3. Sugar, the Pink Elephant

Another rare elephant beanie boo for you all! Sugar’s a soft, cuddly beanie bag toy with short trunks and paws. It’s also one of the first models to use printed fabric ears and base tags. Plus, this one’s a Valentine’s Day version, having less than 100 pieces worldwide!

Top Collectible Features:

  • Heart-shaped, upturned trunks with glittery mohair
  • Stapled hang tags with a name, birth date, and personality poem
  • Unique heart-shaped Valentines Day tags on the ear
Estimated Cost (New & Mint Condition)$1,500
Release Date1st July 2016
BirthdateFebruary 18

4. Henna, the Ostrich

Ty Warner didn’t focus only on wild and pet animal plushies! Take Henna the Ostrich, for example! It’s fluffy, multi-colored, and has detailed, glittery beaks and feet. But what makes it even rarer is its bird theme, heart tags, and feet. So, this one’s a collector’s favorite!

Exclusive Traits:

  • Fluffy, beige mohair with dark brown flecks near the eyes
  • Mother’s Day theme & tags
  • Might have additional accessories like scarves and tiaras
Rough Price (New & Unused)$1,400 (damaged ones cost up to $30)
Release Year1st August 2019
BirthdayNovember 13

5. MWMT’s Halloween White Ghost

If you want a spooky, Halloween-themed doll, then MWMT’s White Ghost is the one for you! This one’s rare because of its soft, fleece-like fabric, glittery eyelashes, and sewed mouth. But it’s a retired piece, and there are no first-edition copies. So, it’s a bit difficult to get!

Top Rare Features:

  • Round, smiling face with dual-toned eyes and visible stitches
  • Rare, Polyester fiberfill
  • Hang-tag with the ghost’s name, ‘Mist,’ at the back and the words ‘Trick or Treat’ at the front
Estimated Price$500
Release Year2005

6. Treasure the Unicorn

We have seen region-specific and themed beanies, but what about a store-specific beanie boo that you won’t get elsewhere? Well, Treasure, the multicolored plushie from Justice Stores, U.S.A., is that rare plush toy.

And the store doesn’t even make it now! So, it has less than 100 models in circulation, making it a rare beanie boo!

Rare & Special Features:

  • Plush body with rainbow streaks, glittery eyelashes, and button eyes
  • Multi-colored horn and mane
  • Little hand-stitching for the mouth and nostrils
Average Price (Mint Condition)$400
Release Year2002
Birthdate15th January

7. Frost, the Arctic Fox

Frost is another store-specific beanie from Walgreens. You’ll easily spot this one by its attached name tags, snow-white mohair, and glittery eyelashes. Plus, this one’s a Flippable version, which means you can reverse its sequin for a glittery, gray body!

Rare Traits:

  • Store-specific and available only in the U.S.A
  • Large glittery blue button eyes and blue button nose
  • Rare Polyester foam fill with attached name tags
Average Price (Mint Condition)$400
Release Date1st August 2017
Birthdate15th December

8. Kooky, the Koala Bear

Kooky is another cartoon-based plushie with soft gray fabrics and button eyes. Although this one does not have a birth date, it features a customized ear tag with the words ‘wild and crazy.’ Also, this one has typical UK fur and leather finishes. So, it’s rare and regional too!

Unique & Collectible Traits:

  • Gray and pink mohair body with a white belly
  • One of the first models to use looped tush tags
Average Price (Mint Condition)$300
Release Date10 June 2009

9. Kiwi the Frog

We all run away from frogs, right? But here’s a rare, fleecy frog you’ll want to squish and hug. Kiwi has such soft, green fabric with large, glittery eyes that attract one and all. And since this beanie boo has less than 700 models worldwide, it’s always short on supply!

Exclusive Features:

  • Dual-colored green and pink bodies with yellow eyelashes
  • Stapled hang tag with a short personality poem and the words, ‘Burp’
  • An embroidered Ty Beanie Boo’s logo at the base
Estimated Price (New Piece)$300
Release Date10 June 2009

10. Sneaky the Halloween Cat

Sneaky is an adorable black and orange-themed cat with button eyes, a button nose, and a striped collar. But this one’s a Halloween exclusive, meaning that it was released only for a month and had less than 100 models worldwide. So, this is a rare collectible today.

Other Special Features:

  • Might come with extra accessories like purple or orange witch hats and crystal balls
  • Rare plastic pellet fillings
  • Original heart-shaped ear tags with a printed name and personality poem
Average Price (New Models)$300 (First-copy models cost up to $50)
Release YearAugust 2012

11. McDonald’s Bear

Most of you would have a collection of toys from McDonald’s Happy Meal! But did you know that even McD had its own store-specific beanie boo back then? This beanie boo is called McDonald’s Bear!

You can recognize this with its ever-popular red-and-white striped body and yellow clothes like Ronald McDonald.

Rare Features:

  • Rare plastic or PVC Pellet stuffing
  • Original ear tags with a special 25th Birthday Celebration Card
  • Rare short-pile mohair and store-specific, branded clothes
Average Price (New & Mint Condition)$200
Release Year2000

Try to get McDonald’s Bear beanie boos with original, embroidered American, Union Jack, or Canadian flags for more value.

12. Bubblegum the Lemur

We know that lemurs are rare and difficult to spot. So is this lemur beanie boo! In fact, its original version, with striped tail and button eyes, has only about 300 pieces in the market. Plus, this one’s a UK-exclusive boo with unique country tags.

Top Traits:

  • Rare black button eyes and nose with glittery pink eyelashes on it
  • One of the original releases from Ty Beanie Boo’s 2002 Original Collection
  • Plastic-coated ear tags with a printed name, year, and personality poem
Average Price (New & Mint Condition)$90 – 200
Release YearOctober 2002

13. Cashmere the White Cat

You all might know Charmmy from Hello Kitty. Well, Cashmere is just like its cuddly, plush version, with pink eyes, ears, and button noses. But that’s not it! This one also has handmade threaded lips and whiskers, making it even rarer than before!

Rare & Collectible Features:

  • Fuzzy, white stuffing with pink threads and a key clip
  • Heart-shaped tags with embossed name and birthdates
  • Valentine’s Day version cat with pink letters and collars
Average Price (New & Mint Condition)$120
Release YearJuly 2011 – August 2012
BirthdateApril 29

Pick large, 6 – 9” beanie boos with their original personality poems and boxes for good returns.

14. Dakota, the Horse

Have you ever seen a sitting horse? If not, then this cute little Dakota, the sitting horse, will surely impress you! Also, this one’s about 6 inches tall, and you’ll get it with pink yarn, hand-stitched nostrils, and a gorgeous black mane that hikes its cost.

Top & Special Features:

  • Hazy yellow or brown fur with a blackish mane and tail
  • Glittery pink button eyes and ears
  • Hang tags with a stamped name, birthdate, and personality poem
Average Price (New & Packed)$110
Release YearJuly 2012 – November 2013
BirthdayJune 25

15. Henry, the Bear

Having two brands for the same beanie boo is rare, right? But, with Henry is double the fun! First, it has original Canadian government signs and stamps. And second, it also comes with a unique key clip, as for the McDonald’s Teenie Beenie Boo collection!

But, apart from the stamps, it also has some rare features as follows:

  • Frizzy brown fur with brown muzzles, hairy ears, and feet
  • Small, silver sequined fish or fishing accessories in the hands
  • Rare, plush polyester with plastic pellet stuffing
Average Price (New & Packed)$90
Release YearJune 2018

16. Trixie, the Rainbow Cheetah

If you are more into colors and patterns, you’ll certainly love this multi-colored squishy from Ty Warner. But it’s not as funky as it looks. Makers made this one only to support the LGBTQ community. So, these are only available in the ‘Build-A-Bear’ workshop stores!

Top Collectible Features:

  • Multicolored fur with pink, purple, green, yellow, and blue spots
  • Rare Polyester and Plastic pellet fill
  • Exclusive store model with branded tags and trademarks
Average Price (Used Pieces)$70
Release Year2014
BirthdateNovember 14

Which Were the First 7 Beanie Boos by Ty Warner?

Peanut the Elephant, Waddles the Penguin, Slush the Husky, Kiwi the Frog, Coconut the Monkey, Bamboo the Panda, and Bubblegum the Koala were the first original beanie boos by Ty Warner. Of these, Peanut and Kiwi are still rare today!

How Many Beanie Boos Are There in Total?

As of 2023, there are 318 beanie boos in the market, including the rare, limited-edition, and mass-produced ones.

If you love beanies, you will certainly flip over the themed beanie boos above. But hey, they are not that easy to get! In fact, most of them are regional and have long waiting lists as of 2023. So, just select your beanie boo, check its store, and hop on the list immediately!

If you are lucky, you could also get a similar, used beanie boo on e-commerce sites. If such rare vintage toy collectibles excite you, you would love my other blogs on expensive beyblades, rarest cabbage patch dolls, Funko pops, and Pez dispensers.

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