18 Ultra Rare Squishmallows: List With Pictures & Values

If you’re into collecting valuable stuffed toys, Kelly Toy’s rare Squishmallows must be your first choice. Since 2017, the company has released many unique squishmallows with varying numbers of models, making the limited ones rare.

But how would you know if a squishmallow is rare? Let’s find out about rare squishmallows in this curated list, including their values and unique identifying features!

What Makes a Squishmallow Rare?

Squishmallows are soft, plush animal toys with spandex or polyester textures from Kelly Toys, a Jazwares company. Kelly Toy Holdings LLC started the Squishmallow brand in 2017 and has launched around a thousand squishmallow characters ever since.

These squishmallows are unique, each bearing special paper labels and stitched tags. So, if you want to find a rare squishmallow for your collection, you might want to start taking those tags seriously.

Why, you may ask? Well, these tags are like a squishmallows rarity scale that can tell you if a squishmallow is rare, ultra rare, special edition, or a part of any limited series or edition.

The Squishmallow Rarity Chart below will help you understand what the color & type of label/tag on a squishmallow means:

Squishmallow TagsNumber of Pieces
Golden Tags (Ultra Rare Squishmallows)50,000 pieces exist around the world
Silver Tags (Rare Squishmallows) 75,000 units in circulation
Holographic Tags (Special Edition Squishmallows)20,000 pieces released
Purple Tags (Check-in Series)Only 10,000-5,000 or fewer units of each Select Series made
Black Tags (Select Series) Only 10,000-5,000 or lesser units of each Select Series made

Apart from this, the squishmallows from different Holiday series, like Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Squads, etc., can also be rare and valuable.

A Comprehensive Rare Squishmallows List with Pictures

Let’s check out the 18 rarest squishmallows, their unique features, and values!

1. Jack the Black Cat (500th Squishmallow with Golden Tag)

Jack, the Black Cat, is the rarest squishmallow everyone wants! It’s a plump black cat plush toy with white whiskers, closed eyes, and a baby-pink nose.

But what makes Jack the Black Cat rare is the embroidered heart-shaped golden tag with the “500” emblem on his left ear, being the 500th squishmallow character. A rectangular golden tag with the same emblem is also stitched to his side.

Jack is the first limited edition Squishmallow member of the “Select Series” and, hence, wears the special black paper label.

The value of a Jack Black Cat Squishmallow with an original stitched golden tag can range from $400 to $2,000, while the ones without any paper or embroidered tag are worth below $200.

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Source: eBay – lavenderh88_7

2. JSK the Cat (Founder’s Edition)

This special, founder’s edition cat squishmallow is named after Jonathan Kelly, the founder of the Kelly Toys company. Being a member of the Founder’s Edition, this squishmallow comes with a black label with the “JSK” mark.

JSK is a witty, corporate cat with off-white fur and a blue tie on a white collar. Other adorable features are the large blue and tan patches covering his body and ears and a small light pink nose.

Remember, you can only get such Founder’s Edition squishmallows using the rare, redeemable “Founder’s Redemption Card.” But it’s not easy to get this card, as it’s hidden in the Squishmallow Trading Cards packs.

That’s why the JSK Founder Cat squishmallow is one of the most expensive squishmallows, worth around $600- $1,000.

3. Stacy the Squid (SDCC 2022 Edition)

After the popularity of Stacy the Squid squishmallow, the Kelly company released a dark gray Stacy the Squid squishmallow for the 2022 SDCC Squad Check-in Series.

While the original Stacy, a member of Sealife Squad, has lavender fur with a white belly and black eyes and mouth, the SDCC Stacy has dark gray fur with alternating golden tentacles.

As a part of the check-in series, the SDCC Stacy is adorned with a special purple label. Since it’s a rare plushie, the value of a Gray Stacy the Squid can steep high, as much as $900, whereas the Purple Stacy is worth only around $40 or below.

But surprisingly, a Stackable 12” Purple Stacy Squid squishmallow sold for over $220 on eBay in September.

4. Jazmanian the Lion (25th Anniversary Special Edition)

Jazmanian is a light gray, shimmery lion with bright blue fur around his head. He has big, round black eyes, a small blue nose and mouth, and the letter “J” for Jazwares embroidered on his tummy.

The Jazmanian Squishmallow was exclusively released for the Jazwares employees, the parent company of Kelly Toys, on the occasion of the company’s 25th anniversary.

That’s why he wears the “Special Edition” holographic tag, which makes him quite rare in the market. A Jazmanian lion can be worth around $600-$800 in pristine condition today!

5. Golden Hans the HedgeHog (Select Series Edition)

Golden Hans the Hedgehog is the “Select Series” Edition of Hans Hedgehog squishmallow, released in 2021 on the occasion of Kelly Toys selling 100 million squishmallows.

But there are two varieties of Hans: the 16’’ Golden Hans and the 16’’ Golden Details Hans, with the special Select Series black tags.

Besides, both hedgehog plush toys are decked up with a bow tie and a hat, but while the Golden Hans is entirely made of shiny golden fur, the second one only has golden work on the hat, tie, and ears on the original Hans.

But the 16-inch Golden Hans Hedgehog is extremely rare because only 3,000 of these were ever made and released. So, today, Golden Hans Squishmallow is worth around $100-$250.

In comparison, the Golden Details Hans squishmallows are around 10,000 in number. So, these are worth relatively less, around $70-$90.

6. Connor the Cow (SDCC 2022 Check-in-Series)

You must’ve seen the original Connor cow squishmallow with its off-white body with black patches, pink muzzle and inner ears, and light yellow horns. But its Check-in-Series edition is extraordinary!

The 2022 SDCC Connor the Cow has grayscale fur with a gleaming golden muzzle, ears, and horns. And being a Check-in-Series member, the rare Gray Connor Cow plushie wears the purple label.

While the regular black & white Connor cow is available in sizes ranging from 2 to 24 inches, the rare Gray SDCC Connor comes only in 8” size, worth $100-$300.

7. Zachary the Zombie (Halloween Squad)

Zachary, the green zombie squishmallow, is a part of the Halloween Holiday edition. Zachary flaunts its skeleton face and body with stitches all over and a bloody wound on its head.

You can find Zachary in four pigmented plush fabrics, green, red, white & black, and three unique sizes of 4, 5, 8, and 12 inches. While the 8” Zachary squishmallow can be worth around $100-$300, the 12” one is hard to find and can be valued even more.

The small-size clip-on version of Zachary with a red clip is also extremely rare; one sold for around $250 on eBay in October. In contrast, the regular small 5” or 4” Zachary toys are worth less than $50-$60.

8. Emily the Bat (Halloweed Squad)

A scary bat that looks too cute to be scared of, Emily the Bat Squishmallow is a beloved member of the Halloween Squad as well as the Bird Squad, among Fania, the purple owl, Geranium Finch, etc.

Emily possesses everyone with her velvety black fur, gray belly, inner ears, and white-rimmed black eyes, a perfect grayscale squishmallow! As a fan of astrology, the black fur quite suits her.

Emily bat squishmallow is released in different sizes, 3.5 inches to 24 inches. The value of 24” Emily Bat plushies ranges from $70-$170, while the smaller ones are worth below $90.

This squishmallow is also available as a clip-on stuffed toy, which is small in size but is still worth $140-$180.

9. Avery the Duck

Avery is a rare duck squishmallow from the Adventure and Farm Squads. He has a bright green mallard head, a fluffy brown lower body, flappy wings, and a light brown tummy.

Avery Duck has been a part of the Easter Squad, Select Series (with a red beanie), Walmart Exclusive (with pom poms or rainbow mane on the head), Special Edition (winking eye), and more.

Of these, the 12” Select Series Avery is quite rare and valuable, worth around $80-$90.

As to the original model, the large 24-inch Avery Duck squishmallow sells for around $70-$150, while the 16” Avery can be worth $50-$100, depending on condition and intact labels. The small-size Avery toys sell for under $50.

10. Cam the Cat (The First Squishmallow)

With collector number 1, Cam the Cat or Cameron the Cat is considered the first ever squishmallow Kelly Toys released in 2017. Cam becomes a significant part of the valuable squishmallows list with the rare silver tag.

Cam is a lovable cream cat full of black and brown patches. In fact, you can spot him by the different black and brown colors on his ears. Cam also has a pink nose, mouth, closed black eyes, and whiskers.

Recently, Kelly Toys released the 2023 SDCC Check-in-Series edition of Cam Cat wearing a denim jacket on a black t-shirt with a Squishmallow logo print and winking! This Check-In-Exclusive 8” Cam Cat Squishmallow sells for $50-$100.

The original Cam Cat has many sizes, from 2 to 16 inches, and the 16” Cam Cat plush toys are worth $30-$80. In fact, one Cam cat 16-inch squishmallow sold for $110 on eBay in September.

11. Blossom the Lamb (Discontinued Model)

Blossom the Sheep is an extremely rare squishmallow as it was released for the “Squishmallows of Justice (a tween girls’ store) Campaign” in 2018 and has been discontinued.

Blossom has her whole body covered in white fur, except her tan face and hooves with golden trims. Her black eyes are closed, and she holds a pastel rainbow. Adorable, isn’t it?

This squishmallow was only manufactured in 8” and 16” sizes, and the pre-owned small-size Blossom Lamb soft toys are worth $40-$80. The 16” Blossom is extremely rare, so consider it worth a few hundred dollars if you find it.

12. Wendy the Frog (NWT SDCC 2022 Series)

Wendy the frog squishmallow holds a special place for squish-lovers, as she’s among the first eight Squishmallows to be ever circulated. But in 2022, the company released the Check-in-Series edition of Wendy, the 8” Gray SDCC 2022 Wendy, rare and precious!

While the original Wendy is bright green with an off-white belly and rosy cheeks, the SDCC Wendy shows off her light gray fur. Her belly is dark gray belly, and she has gold cheeks and a unique golden crown.

As I said, the Gray Wendy the Frog squishmallow with the “Check-in-Series” purple tag is very hard to find, so it easily sells for $110-$130 despite its small size!

13. Patty the Cow (SDCC 2023 Edition)

The SDCC 2023 Patty is the new 8” squishmallow exclusive to the San Diego Comic-Con 2023. This is the upgraded version of the Easter Squad Patty cow with pastel pink and light purple fur, cream-colored snout, ears, and horns.

What distinguishes the SDCC Patty from the original Patty is its iconic blue & white-striped seafoam hat. Another reason why the Check-in-Series Patty is rare is because only 365 models exist, as printed on the box.

Today, the SDCC 2023 Patty Cow plushie can be valued from $110 to $160.

14. Willy the Wolf (Wilderness Squad)

Willy, the wolf, looks more like a husky with its plush gray body, white belly and face, and pointed triangular ears. He is from the Wilderness Squad, and his bio says that he loves bow ties and weather prints; he’ll be a great addition to your collection.

Depending on different sizes, from 3.5″ to 24″, the value of Willy the Wolf ranges from $20-$130. For instance, the very rare 24-inch Willy toy is worth $100-$130, the 12-inch toys are $30-$50, and the smaller Willy plushies sell for below $20.

15. Ronnie the Cow (Farm Pals Sets)

Ronnie is a popular cow squishmallow from the Spring Farm and Easter Squads. But before that, Ronnie the Cow was a member of the Farm Pals Sets, along with Rosie the Pig and Yellow Duck.

Ronnie looks too lovable, with his body full of brown and white patches on the left side of his head, including his left ear and the right side of his lower body. He has big black eyes and a gold-yellow muzzle and horns.

Besides, Ronnie has a whole family of squishmallows, from 3.5-inch baby toys to large 24” plushies. From this family, the 24” Ronnie Cow toys are worth the most, around $100-$150, while smaller ones and other editions of Ronnie are sold for less than $80-$90.

16. Wallis the Bigfoot

Introduced on VidCon, Wallis the Bigfoot wears a golden tag, which makes him an ultra-rare squishmallow. Besides, he has a shimmery dark gray (almost black) body with ultra soft fuzzy fur around his face with a poking white tooth.

What makes Wallis more special and adorable is his sunglasses. Yes, you heard it right! Wallis wears blue sunglasses with golden rims. You’ll also see soft heart-shaped pads on his feet.

Wallis the bigfoot is only found in one size, 8 inches, which is worth around $20-$50. But surprisingly, an ultra rare Wallis squishmallow sold for $100 via an eBay sale.

17. Daxxon the Purple Alien (Silver Rare Tag)

Daxxon is the hero of the Space Squad. He’s a rare alien with a lavender-colored body with a blue & dark purple galaxy print, round black eyes, dark speckles, and an adorable smile.

Daxxon wears the special silver tag, which adds him to the rare squishmallows list with only 75,000 pieces in the market. Another edition of Daxxon wears a dark blue beanie, which is also “rare” and popular.

An original 16” Daxxon alien squishmallow can be valued at around $30-$60, while the small plushies sell for less than $30 or $20.

18. Sandro the Chow Chow (Ultra Rare)

The ultra rare squishmallows list is incomplete with Sandro Chow Chow, the new squishmallow released in 2023. Besides his ultra-rare golden tag, Sando flaunts his tan fur with a fuzzy cream belly and snout with a black nose.

Sandro’s face has unique curved fur lines on his face, and his ears are quite short with light pink fur on the insides. He has round black eyes, and he’s sticking his purple tongue out of his black mouth.

The ultra rare Sandro is mostly found in 11-inch size, worth around $20-$40, in brand new condition.

I hope this rarest squishmallow list will help you find the one squishmallow worth your money! If you love such squishy stuffies, hop onto my lists of ‘rarest beanie boos’ and ‘cabbage patch dolls’ now!

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