12 Vintage Antique Piggy Banks Worth Money (Value Guide)

When we talk about piggy banks, we mostly associate them with kids who use them to save their pennies. But they’re not just a playful thing, especially when they’re worth thousands! Thousands! Intrigued, right?

Well, we’re not talking about modern plastic money boxes. We’re talking about fifty years or older ones, handmade and raw! That’s what makes them special. So, join me on this fascinating journey exploring some of the rarest and most valuable vintage piggy banks!

Key Takeaways

  • Antique piggy banks made of early materials like clay, ceramics, and porcelain in good or mint condition are seen as rare. 
  • Piggy banks related to important historical events like the Chinese Pete Piggy Bank are rare and expensive. 
  • Unique, limited models from brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch, Bitossi Ceramiche, etc., are sought after by collectors. 
  • The piggy bank, made with 18-carat gold by the Royal Mint, is the world’s most expensive, costing nearly $121,300! 

Identification Features of a Vintage Piggy Bank

Hand Painted Vintage Piggy Bank

Of course, vintage piggy banks would be handmade, hand-painted, and roughly designed. But that doesn’t necessarily make them RARE! Want a rare model? Verify these features:

  • A limited edition model by a prominent brand
  • Connection to some important historical event or era
  • Mint condition, without any major damages
  • Unique patterns or discontinued designs
  • Made for a special personality or organization (banks)

Fun Fact: One of the earliest materials for making piggy banks was terracotta clay, which was also often called “pygg.” According to some historians, this is how the piggy bank got its name.

List of 12 Rarest Vintage Piggy Banks Worth Money

Let’s check out the most valuable, rare piggy banks worth some serious money!

1. English A.R Earthenware Folk Art Piggy Bank

Antique pottery is quite rare in itself because of its antique makeand so is this A.R. earthenware piggy bank made of clay. It displays raw and clean features like the pig’s muzzle, ears, tail, and legs, which are all clearly handmade. 

Key Identification Features: 

  • No artificial or painted eyes, just two holes
  • Visible lines and signs of handmade earthenware making
  • “A R 1891” marked on the left side
Estimated Cost $900
Brand/MakerA.R Ceramics
Manufacturing Time Period1891

2. Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch Ceramic Piggy Bank 

Coming from the mid-20th century, this unique Abercrombie and Fitch piggy bank is inspired by the company’s famous leather toys. What makes it rare is the unique ceramic design making it look like it’s made of leather.

Special Features to Verify: 

  • A long muzzle 
  • Eyes made out of ceramic buttons joined to the head
  • A hole at the bottom for coin retrieval 
Estimated Cost $700 – $800
Brand/MakerAbercrombie & Fitch
Item Height11 inches (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time Period1950s – 1960s

3. Spongeware Pottery Piggy Bank

This unique piggy bank features an antique 19th-century Spongeware design, making it a must-have for collectors. It’s lovely cobalt blue, and there’s a loop on the top, right next to the coin slot.

Key Identification Features: 

  • Freehand central spongeware design (made with a sea sponge dipped in color & dabbed on the surface) 
  • Handcrafted features like legs, muzzle, and ears
  • Eyes are not visible
Estimated Cost $600
Manufacturing Time Period19th Century

4. Green Elephant Drumbo Money Bank 

Popular as a charm for the German bank named Dresdner Bank, this rare piggy bank is designed as a green Drumbo. Drumbo is Luigi Colani’s famous asparagus elephant design. You can spot it with its simple plastic body and black eyes.

Unique Features to Spot: 

  • Flat bottom
  • Visible joint mold seams
  • Often accompanied by Drumbo key chain
Estimated Cost $500 
Brand/MakerLuigi Colani (for Dresdner Bank)
Manufacturing Time Period1970s

5. “The Wise Pig” Still Bank, circa 1930

This special piggy bank was made by Hubley Manufacturing Company as a “symbol of saving money.” This rare piggy bank has one of the most realistic pig faces, making it rare.

Also, look for the signature placard the pig is holding. It has the saying “Save a penny yesterday, another save today, tomorrow save another, to keep the wolf away” embossed on it.

Unique Features to Spot: 

  • White painted body with pink snout & ears, black eyes, and gray feet
  • A slotted screw at the back 
  • “THRIFTY” engraved at the base bank
  • “Copyright J.M.R.” marked at the back
Estimated Cost $300
Brand/MakerHubley Manufacturing Company
MaterialCast Iron
Item Height6.5 inches (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time Period1930 – 1936

6. Bitossi Pig Figurine / Money Box

The Bitossi Ceramiche company really flourished after Aldo Londi led it. And this cute, small piggy bank is one of the company’s most classic pieces. You can spot this with its deep yellow glazed body decorated with light green shapes and recessed holes.

Key Identification Features: 

  • Small glaze flakes around the body
  • A green border on the muzzle and the tail
  • The mouth of the pig is bent downwards, making it look sad
Estimated Cost $500 – $600
Brand/MakerBitossi Ceramiche
Item Height10 cm 
Manufacturing Time Period1960s

7. Chinese Pete Cast Bronze Piggy Bank

An antique piggy bank is a symbol of the “Pete the Pig” fundraising campaign of the American Leprosy Mission in the 1910s. It also symbolizes the origin of the practice of saving coins/money in piggy banks in China. This money box is screwed to a wooden bank base.

Key Identification Features: 

  • Cast bronze body in the shape of a sitting pig
  • “Chinese Pete No. 1” and Chinese symbols marked incised on the body
  • Roughly engraved features like eyes, wrinkles, etc. 
  • A screw on the right side of the body
Estimated Cost $300 – $400
MaterialBronze, Brass
Item Height6 inches (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time PeriodN/A

8. Vintage Beatles John Lennon Piggy Bank 

Although not shaped like a pig as a classic piggy bank, this figurial money box is a rare find! Designed as the Beatles’ member John Lennon, you can spot this money bank with its vibrant red & blue outfit with white floral motifs and black mustache.

Special Features to Spot: 

  • Handmade and hand-painted make
  • Black spectacles painted on the eyes
  • A plug made of synthetic material on the bottom for coin access
  • “Pride Creations” and “King Features Subafilms Ltd” labels glued on the bottom
Estimated Cost $200 – $300
Brand/MakerPride Creations Inc. 
Item Height6 inches (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time Period1968

9. Antique Majapahit Empire Terracotta Piggy Bank

An antique souvenir for your collection, this terracotta clay piggy bank is one of the earliest models ever made. With its rough body surface, shape, and minimally visible features, this piggy bank displays the Terracotta pottery practice from the Majapahit empire.

Special Features to Spot: 

  • A rounded body of a boar
  • Coin slot right at the center spine
Estimated Cost $200 – $300
MaterialTerracotta Clay
Item Height7 cm (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time Period13th – 16th Century

10. Zeuthen Denmark Polka Dot Piggy Bank 

This adorable vintage piggy bank can be spotted with its red handcrafted terracotta body fully covered in white polka dots. This bank looks highly vintage with its matte look and handmade features, like curved ears, snout, and tiny legs.

Key Features to Look For: 

  • Eyes designed as polka dots connect in a circular pattern
  • “Zeuthen Denmark” painted at the bottom/belly 
Estimated Cost $150
Brand/MakerZeuthen Keramik (by Norman Zeuthen)
MaterialRed Clay
Item Height5 inches (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time Period1955

11. Tuscany Studios Large Ceramic Police Officer Piggy Bank

If you like a character-themed piggy bank, you’ll flip over this one! With its big blue eyes and navy police uniform, this standing pig figurial bank will become the center spot of your collection.

Key Identification Features: 

  • Pink body with a black and red mouth and blue eyes
  • A badge on the black & blue police cap
  • “TUSCANY STUDIO INC.” marked on the back (left)
  • Realistic feet with a cut
Estimated Cost $150
Brand/MakerTuscany Studio 
Manufacturing Time Period1975

12. Bank On Republic Cast Iron Piggy Bank 

This vintage cast iron piggy bank is designed as a pig standing straight on a pedestal. What makes it interesting is that the smiling piglet is wearing a suit, and you can even see a tie around its neck.

Identification Features: 

  • All features, like facial features, outfits, etc., are embossed or incised on the body
  • “BANK ON REPUBLIC” and “PIG IRON” marked at the back
  • A slotted screw at the back
Estimated Cost $100
Brand/MakerBank on Republic
MaterialCast Iron
Item Height7 inches (Approx.)
Manufacturing Time Period1960s

The Most Expensive Piggy Bank Ever – Gold Minty!

If you think that spending around a thousand dollars for a vintage is too much, trust me, it’s nothing compared to the cost of the most valuable piggy bank!

In 2020, the official maker of British coins, the Royal Mint, finally revealed its first piggy bank in its history. And unlike vintage piggy banks, it’s not made of iron or porcelain. Instead, it’s made of 18-carat GOLD!

And this gold piggy bank costs around $121,300! This precious model is part of the company’s piggy bank range, Minty! The collection also has Sterling silver models costing over $7,200! 

If you’re on a hunt to find rare vintage items, a rare piggy bank will surely be worth your money! Apart from monetary value, some rare models have a lot of historical value, too, and are precious. Similarly, antique Breyer horses also attract vintage collectors! So don’t forget to check out our list of rare breyer horses now!

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