List of 14 Rare Breyer Horses: Features, Costs & More (2023)

If you love animal-themed antiques, you certainly can’t miss Breyer horses! But are they really worth your money? One certified way to know this is to visit a Breyer fan fest and ask the experts. But if that’s not possible, this exclusive rare Breyer horse guide will help you!

We know that all Breyer horses won’t have shoes and horse bits. Like, the 1950s ones are simple, but the 1970s ones had vibrant paints and horseshoes. But what they had in common was a limited stock of 20 – 100 pieces of each design. No wonder they’re so rare today!

So, join me as we explore all those rare Breyer horses, learning about their features, values, and more!

Key Takeaways

  • Rare Breyer horses cost $1000 – 22,000, depending on their series, numbers, designs, and release years.
  • Competition models like Lonesome Glory, Twilight, and Benner Blue are best for all the tournament-themed collectors out there!
  • Want a celebrity or movie feature horse? Get the cartoonish Zuni Spirit horse, designed by Kity Cantrell.
  • Breyer horses with a prancing or jumping stance, like the Filigree Alpine, Nottingham, or Frankenstang, fetch the most returns at any Breyerfest.

What Makes Old Breyer Horses So Rare & Collectible?

Rare set of a Breyer Horse and Foal in a Fest

If you have two toy horses. one with a solid plastic body and the other with shiny textures and shading, which one grabs your attention? The textured one, right? Well, that’s the beauty of rare Breyer horses, which you can spot by the features below!

  • Exclusive, single-use molds and mold marks
  • Relevance to significant historical moments, anniversaries, and collaborations
  • Unique accessories like tracks, riders, stables, fences, and grooming tools
  • Original race or movie horse designs

14 Rarest Breyer Horses for Every Vintage Toy Collector

Now let’s have a look at some of the rarest Breyer horses, their features, and values below:

1. Dappled Sabino Buckskin Alborozo

If you want unique, themed Breyer horses, look no further than Alborozo. One of the most expensive pieces, this one has superior Buckskin coats and Andalusian designs. Also, Alborozo’s a 2008 Fest’s Celebratory piece with detailed mane, hooves, and tail.

In fact, his maker even destroyed its mold and other detailing tools. So, you won’t get another one like him!

Unique & Priceless Features:

  • Authentic horse hair mane and tail
  • Original 2008 Breyerfest Celebration horse marks and authentication certificates
  • Realistic details like shaded muzzles, knees, and hocks
Average Auction Value $22,000 (for original, mint condition models), $1000 (first-copy models)
Release Year2008
Mold Number719
SculptorBrigitte Eberl

Look for Alborozo horses with brushed golden coats and dark spots on the face and hands for an authentic make.

2. Semi Rearing Mustang

Yet another themed Breyer sculpture for you all! Mustang has a half-Spanish and half-American design. So while it has a fancy, spotted body and a braided mane on one end, it also flaunts modern hoof-cut flats on the other. Plus, buyers pay more for its aged patina and hand-molded marks.

Unique Traits:

  • Comes in various colors and finishes – Solid, Pinto, Matte & Glossy
  • Opaque body with a translucent mane and tail
Estimated Value$12000
Release Year1970
Mold Number87
SculptorChris Hess

3. Charcoal Lonesome Glory Breyerfest Volunteer Model

Lonesome isn’t your ordinary Breyer toy! It’s a miniature version of Lonesome Glory, a steeplechase horse with five Eclipse awards. So, it has similar charcoal hair, a bald head, and a white mane. You’ll also see matte hooves, cream noses, and a glossy finish.

Special & Unique Features:

  • Limited circulation of 80 models at the 2003 Breyer Fest
  • Original Molding Co. and USA stamps on its lower belly
  • Superior cellulose acetate plastic bodies
Estimated Value (Used Models)$7500
Release Year2003
SculptorKitty Cantrell

4. Misty’s Twilight True Blue Centerpiece Event Model

Misty’s Twilight is a rare, royal-horse-like sculpture for all the historical collectors out there! It has some really luxurious features like realistic glossy black bodies and True Blue Centerpiece event ribbons.

However, this model has less than 25 pieces worldwide. And the ones with their original ribbons and packaging cost even more!

Rare & Pricey Traits:

  • Glossy dark dappled blue-black color with tricolor eyes
  • Comes with an original certificate of authenticity
  • Has a movable head and neck
Average Cost$5000 for new, unopened models
Release Year2021
Mold Number20
SculptorJeanne Mellin Herrick

5. Breyer Zuni Spirit Live Show Model

You all might know Spirit from the 2002 movie Stallion of Cimarron. Well, this Zuni Spirit horse is just like its miniature version with a black and white finish. Also, this one’s more cartoonish and comes with a large head and bold, outlined features.

Some of them are:

  • Native, red, and yellow-colored American markings on the nose and mouth
  • Limited availability of 30 models
  • Unique resin bodies with a matte-black, semi-leopard finish
Average Price (New Models)$4500, first-edition ones might cost up to $2000
Release Year2013
SculptorKitty Cantrell

6. Breyer Banner Blue Version

This Breyer model is a champion show jumper, just like its parent horse Banner, a US team member. But what makes it even more special is its translucent blue and green body with a silver mane. Plus, you might see extra accessories like clips and bits with them.

Top Collectible Traits:

  • A less production of 30 – 40 models worldwide
  • Original Breyerfest 2019 stamps on the belly
  • Superior acetate plastic bodies with a glossy finish
Rough Cost (Used Models)$3500
Release Year2019

7. Esprit Silver Filigree Alpine

If you love metallic sculptures, you’ll surely freak over this snowy beauty from Breyer. Unlike other horses, this one has a long, flowing mane and a prancing stance that grabs the eye! Also, collectors love this one for its dappled, high-gloss acetate finishes!

Exclusive Features:

  • Unique silver filigree and Andalusian finishes 
  • A web-special collectible with less than 200 models worldwide
  • Superior cellulose acetate walls and hooves
Average Price (New Models)$2500
Release Year2010
SculptorKathleen Moody

8. Breyer Dressage Horse

This model is one of the top heirloom collectibles based on dressage champions Adiah HP and Verdades. So, it’s got similar black leather bridles, white nosebands, and buckles. Also, this one has a handmade wooden dressage arena and rails, which makes it worth your money!

Unique Characteristics:

  • Realistic features like muscles, bone structure, bridles, and coats
  • Various color finishes – Black, Brown, White & Gray
  • Handmade wood arenas with corners and eight-letter markers
  • Original dressage booklets and catalogs
Estimated Value (Mint Condition)$2100
Release Year2008

9. Silver Snow Web Special

Another snowy beauty for you all! But Silver Snow has more realistic details, such as white spots, filigree patterns, and a braided tail. Also, this one’s a web special model with less than 200 pieces in the market. So don’t forget to look for stamped serial numbers and certificates at the base.

Rare Features:

  • Handpainted, glossy finishes with a metallic sheen
  • Comes with original authentication and release date certificates
  • Original silver Breyer tag on the left leg
Average Cost$1800 for mint condition and up to $400 for first-copy replicas
Release Year1997
Mold Number574
DesignerTom Daniel

10. Mariah’s Boon

While most Breyer horses were for events and races, Mariah’s Boon was a trophy at a costume contest. So, it was a bit fancy with its blaze, socks, and dorsal stripes! Also, this one marked the year of Britain’s equestrian heritage. So, collectors love it for its London-style packaging too!

Unique & Priceworthy Features:

  • A matte bay Pinto color with a pink muzzle
  • Superior cellulose acetate bodies with a matte finish
  • Limited Availability of 26 models
Rough Cost$1800
Release Year2012
Mold NameGypsy Vanner
SculptorKathleen Moody

11. Breyerfest Nottingham

Breyer’s Nottingham models were just like the ultra-fast Cleveland models. So, they have a similar high jumping stance, curved tails, and pointed hooves. And since it’s a racing model, you’ll see extra attachments like a blaze, clips, and socks.

What to Look For?

  • Superior cellulose acetate bodies with dapple gray finishes
  • Original, Breyerfest 25th Anniversary stamp on the belly
  • A limited make of 137 pieces
Estimated Value$1600
Release Year2011
Mold NameCleveland Bay
SculptorChris Hess

12. Arabian Mayer Halter

The Arabian Halter is a dapper, 2-piece gift set from the Sears Wishbook Catalogue. But since it’s from the early 1970s, you’ll see some old gray paints, spotted bellies, and pointed ears with it. Also, it won’t be detailed and will just have a standing pose and a halter.

Rare & Price Worthy Features:

  • Polished blue and white halters with metal buckles and rings
  • Handmade mold marks and a round Breyer molding co-stamp on the belly
  • Comes with branded gift boxes and papers
Average Price (New Models)$1500
Release Year1975 – 1976
Mold Number215
SculptorChris Hess

13. Breyer Velvet Rope Event Special Frankenstang

Frakenstang is a rope event horse made from acetate plastic and has a light, yellowish-green finish. This one’s more durable and has solid metal bolts, saddles, and a resin top coat. Also, it has less than 25 units in circulation, making it rare and precious.

Top Collectible Traits:

  • Unique tricolor eyes with original USA stamps under them
  • A galloping shape with a flying tail and mane
Average Cost$1300 for full-size and up to $600 for miniature ones
Release Year2009
Mold NameG3 Rearing
SculptorJane Lunger

14. Romantico Model War Horse

Romantico horse is a rare war-horse collectible for all our Roman Empire fans. Like, it has a rearing posture, with painted red and gold armor and logos. Also, look for original styrofoam accessories, boxes, and porcelain swords with this one!

Rare & Special Features:

  • A limited circulation of 1250 pieces
  • Has original certificates of authenticity and brass plates
  • Additional accessories like saddles, bridles, and stirrups
Estimated Value$1250
Release Year2005
SculptorKathleen Moody

Look for Romantico horses with original HHF and Breyerfest 2005 stamps for an authentic make.

Can Breyer Horses Get Wet?

Yes, Breyer horses catch moisture easily and turn moldy with time. So, air dry the horse once a week and store it in a well-ventilated place.

How Do You Whiten an Old Breyer Horse?

You can whiten your old Breyer horse by keeping it under the sun for 30 – 45 minutes. Or you can also bleach the yellow parts with a 1:10 bleach solution and water.

Are Breyer Horses Hollow?

Most of the Breyer horses are cast in two pieces and simply glued onto each other. So yes, they are hollow from the inside, especially at the head and belly.

People surely exhibit thousands of Breyer horses at the fests each year. But the rare, competition-themed horses still grab all the attention! So, if you have such a unique stance or metallic horse, use our value table and price it rightly! If not, keep an eye for them at the next Breyerfest!

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