17 Avon Bottles Worth Money (Value Guide With Rare Finds)

With a gross sale of $9.1 billion worldwide, Avon is one of the most trusted skincare brands from the 1900s. And not just the products! People also love Avon for its hand-molded, abstract, or figurine-shaped bottles, worth up to $500 today!

But are all the millions of available Avon bottles worth the same? Or are there any special, limited-edition models to have an eye on? Join me as I list 17 rare and expensive Avon bottles, their identifying features, and prices to find out!

Key Takeaways

  • You can spot old and collectible Avon bottles by the stamped Avon logos, stickers, capacity marks, and ingredients on their base.
  • Composite glass and metal Avon bottles, such as the Mickey Mouse cologne or chess-set bottles, cost more than others, often up to $300.
  • The Avon Gay Nineties decanter, worth $5 – 40, is the only cologne bottle with a feminine figure and masculine biceps.
  • Old Avon bottles with leftover perfume, powder, lotion traces, and original boxes are more valuable than the cleaned or restored ones.

What Makes Avon Bottles Valuable & Rare?

Rare Antique Avon Bottles

Apart from the textual logos and leftover lotion or cologne traces, an Avon bottle costs more when it bears the following features:

  • Abstract shapes – Ducks, Eagles, Cannons, Horses, Keys, Pipes, Clocks, etc. 
  • Molded tire, geometrical, screw-top, horn-like or character-themed lids
  • An oval sticker with the brand name and ingredients on the base
  • Handmade or machine-molded glass, ceramic, or porcelain sections
  • Etched plant, floral, marine, or novelty patterns
  • Leftover perfume, lotion, or content traces
  • Original boxes and packaging

Top 17 Rare Antique Avon Bottles That Are Worth Your Money

Millions of Avon bottles are available in the market in different sizes and products. But only the rarest and most sought-after bottles, like the ones listed below, are worth your money:

1. Avon Mickey Mouse Cologne Bottle with Spring Legs

Avon Mickey Mouse figurine is a 5-inch tall, whimsical cartoon bottle for all the Disney lovers out there! While this bottle has no marks, it holds tremendous brand value for being one of Disney’s first licensed merchandise with unique spring legs and pie-eye design.

Identifying Features:

  • Painted, cork-lined head (lid) with a black bottle top under it
  • Large, yellow bakelite shoes with flat heels
  • Twisted cloth tail
  • Coiled springs for the legs
Estimated Price$300 – 400
Manufacturing Year1930
MaterialCork-lined, painted metal body
ContentsPerfume & Cologne

2. Vintage Avon Little Blossom Whisper Soft Cologne Bottle

Marketed in 1982 as one of the toughest competitions for Strawberry Shortcake and Cabbage Patch Kids dolls, this little Avon blossom whisper bottle is a rare, young-girl edition model. You can identify this 9.8cm bottle by its illustrated feminine designs and floral fragrance.

Key Features to Look For:

  • A doodle of a small girl with a pink, inverted lotus dress and hat in the center
  • A blue floral backdrop on the front
  • A pink-colored, almost spherical lid on top
Estimated Price$100 – 160
Manufacturing Year1982
MaterialGlass Bottle with Plastic Lid
ContentsFloral Perfume

3. Avon Chess Set and Board Cologne Bottle

Influenced by Bobby Fischer’s historic win during the 1972 World Chess Championship, Avon’s chess set, a unique combo of 32 dual-toned, 4-inch chess-piece-shaped bottles, is every Avon enthusiast’s dream collectible!

Notable Features:

  • Small, three fluid oz brown glass bottles with designer silver lids
  • A bulbous, spherical silver lid for the solder pieces
  • The words ‘Keep out of reach of children’ are printed at the base
  • Original ingredient & caution labels on the base
Estimated PriceUpto $80 (partial sets) & up to $150 (full 32-piece sets)
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialBrown Glass & Silver
ContentsFloral Colognes & Aftershaves

4. Avon Sweet Honesty Body Splash Bottle

If your Avon bottle has a 3 X 3.5-inch cubical shape with transparent glass sides and a six-fluid oz capacity, it’s likely a rare Avon ‘Sweet Honesty’ bottle. Unlike the other brass-topped bottles from that era, collectors love this bottle for its all-glass body, lids, and rims.

Important Characteristics:

  • An all-glass body with an embossed and grooved base
  • A printed company, content & caution label on the base
  • A simple push-pull lid and seal at the top
Estimated Price$50 – 120
Manufacturing Year1970 – 1985
MaterialClear, Untextured Glass
ContentsBody Splash (less concentrated fragrance)

5. Vintage Avon Glass Train Bottle

The glass train, a limited-edition aftershave bottle from Avon’s locomotive series, features a lovely embossed engine, carriage, wheels, and chimneys. With its translucent green glass bodies, ornate brass stoppers, and labels, this 7.5-inch bottle is worth all the money!

Key Features to Look For:

  • Molded transportation train designs with embossed doors and windows
  • A polished brass screw-cap with an ‘Avon’ logo in front
  • Measures 7.5” (length) X 1.7” (width) X 2.6” (height)
Estimated Price$25 – 120
Manufacturing Year1900s
MaterialGreen-tinted glass bottles with brass lids
ContentsAftershave Solutions

6. Avon Thomas Flyer (1908) Aftershave Bottle

Inspired by Thomas Flyer’s New York – Paris race-winning car, this 7-inch, 6-fluid oz. aftershave bottle is a complete package of realistic features like an open roof, seats, and wheels. Plus, each bottle has a continental tire (mounted back tire) as the lid and original content stickers at the bottom.

Top & Collectible Features:

  • Four red-colored detachable seats along the line shaft
  • Embossed headlights, tail lights & radiators
  • A printed Avon logo on the underside
Estimated Price$10 – 120
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialWhite glass & Plastic

7. Avon Andy Capp Body Powder Decanter

Inspired by the 1969 British comic character Andy Capp, this powder decanter is a rare, one-of-a-kind collectible for all the Reg Smythe fans out there! It has a light, molded vinyl body and engraved brand marks, making it even more valuable!

Other Notable Features:

  • A round, skin-colored lump on the forehead
  • Realistic features – black blazer, trousers & shoes
  • A flat, green cap with a checkered design
  • A white smoking pipe in the character’s mouth
  • Original ‘Daily Mirror newspaper’ marks
  • Engraved brand and ‘100 gram’ capacity marks on the base
Estimated Value$10 – 50
Manufacturing Year1969
ContentsBody Powder

8. Avon Deep Woods Cologne Bottle

With its sailor-head top and tobacco-pipe-like body, Avon’s ‘Deep Woods’ cologne bottle is a popular smoking-themed collectible! What makes it even more attractive is its sleek, amber glass stem with about three fluid oz of cologne capacity!

Notable Features:

  • A bearded sailor’s head with a raised mustache, eyes & nose near the pipe’s bowl
  • A sailor’s cap with a short ‘bill’ on the man’s head
  • Brass-polished borders on the pipe’s stem (also the lid)
  • A golden ‘Avon’ sticker & capacity mark on the base
Estimated Cost$15 – 60
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialAmber Glass
ContentsCologne & Aftershaves

9. Avon Pony-Shaped Aftershave Bottle

If you are an ardent animal-cum-antiques lover, then you certainly can’t miss out on this rare, pony-shaped bottle from Avon! You can spot this 5.5-inch bottle with its transparent, green glass, pointed horn, embossed eyes, and nose!

Collectible Features:

  • A brass-polished circular keyring in the horse’s mouth
  • Original Avon & 4-fluid ounce stickers on the base
  • Embossed facial features – crest, mouth, nose and eyes
Average Price$5 – 100, as per the condition & rust
Manufacturing Year1960s
MaterialGreen Tinted Glass
ContentsWild Country Aftershave

10. Avon ‘Bird of Paradise’ Unicorn Bottle

Avon’s unicorn decanter is another pony-shaped collectible with a sitting posture and clear glass bodies. But look closer, and you’ll see ornate, hand-embossed Victorian rosettes on the mane, tail, and hair, making it worth the antique hype!

Unique Features:

  • A twisted chrome-polished horn-shaped lid on the unicorn’s forehead
  • Original ‘Avon’ & ‘2 fluid oz.’ capacity marks on the base
  • Measures 7”(height) & 4”(width)
Estimated Value$20 – 100
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialClear Glass
ContentsBird of Paradise Cologne

11. Avon Fragrance Hours Bottle

This unique 6-fluid-ounce fragrance tower reminds you of the 1850s Big Ben clocktower. On the top, you’ll see a shiny, chrome-finished clocktower finial. And below that, you’ll see simple white glass pedestals featuring lattice and twisted patterns!

Collectible Features:

  • Black-colored Arabic numerals and pointed hands on the clock
  • Printed Avon logo & capacity stickers on the back
  • Comes with a beautiful box portraying a lady turning the clocktower hands
  • Measures 10” (height) X 4” (width)
Estimated Cost$5 – 30
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialWhite Glass
ContentsBird of Paradise Cologne

12. President Lincoln’s Bust Decanter

This six-fluid oz, gold-polished bottle is a tribute to President Abraham Lincoln, the 16th U.S. President, and his Gettysburg Address. Featuring a bust-size portrait of Sir Lincoln (with his head as the lid) with raised features and a rectangular pedestal, this one is one of the most sought-after bottles from the Avon President’s Club!

Rare Features:

  • Raised & realistic features like the President’s coat, bowtie, and buttons
  • Comes with a printed box featuring President Lincoln’s portrait and his Gettysburg address
  • Original brand and caution labels on the base
  • Measures 7” (height) and 4” (width)
Estimated Value (with box)$5 – 40
Manufacturing Year1970
Contents‘Deep Woods’ Aftershave

13. Mr. Avon Club Sales Awards Bottle

This is a rare, limited-edition sales award bottle from the 1985 14th Annual Conference of the National Association Avon Collectors N.A.A.C. Unlike other Avon glass bottles, this one has a composite porcelain structure with a cork cap at the base.

Unique Features:

  • A limited-edition make of 1800 bottles
  • Superior handpainted Bisque porcelain bodies
  • Realistic accessories like a tie, blazer & sales bag with a figurine
  • The brand’s name ‘Avon’ is engraved in reddish-brown letters on the sales bag
Average Price $5 – 30
DesignerBud Hastin
Manufacturing Year1985

14. Avon Shaving Brush Endeavor Bottle

Avon’s one-of-a-kind, 5-inch aftershave bottle is shaped like a vintage shaving brush, where the handle is the main container, and the canopy is the lid. Collectors love this one for its portable decanters that hold 45ml of Endeavor aftershave lotion.

Special Features:

  • Realistic details like embossed knots, brush foundation, and grooves
  • Bulb-shaped lids with brown and beige accents
  • Branded content & volume labels on the base
Average Price$5 – 70
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialBakelite & Glass
ContentsEndeavor aftershave lotion

15. Avon Gay Nineties Decanter

This small, 7.5-inch bottle has a rare composite design featuring a woman’s body but with manly biceps. However, since only the lower skirt portion works as the decanter, this bottle has a low perfume capacity of 3 fluid oz, making it cheaper than others.

Unique Features to Verify:

  • A muscular woman figurine wearing a pink Victorian-era skirt & rosette hat
  • A paradise flower motif on the woman’s skirt
  • An embossed choker around the woman’s neck
  • Printed ‘Avon’ logos & capacity marks on the bottle’s base
Estimated Value$5 – 40
Manufacturing Year1970 – 1980
MaterialGlass & Plastic
ContentsUnforgettable Cologne

16. Avon Black Cat Bubblebath Bottle

Featuring a lovely black-colored Egyptian cat with green eyes and a golden collar, this 14-inch bubble bath bottle is a must-have souvenir item. Each bottle has a single-piece, chiseled plastic form, pointed nose, mouth, and engraved whiskers.

Key Features to Look For:

  • A golden collar with the name ‘Fantasti cat’ & ‘Liquid bubble bath’ engraved on it
  • 14-inch tall & 4.5-inch bottle with an 11 fl. Oz capacity
  • Printed paper eyes with green pupils and black lashes
Estimated ValueLess than $60
Manufacturing Year1960s
MaterialPlastic or Bakelite
ContentsLiquid Bubble Bath

17. Vintage Avon Bell-shaped Perfume Bottle

You can spot this rare perfume bottle by its blue bell-shaped crown and long, grooved silver handles, serving as twist-off caps, offering a glance at the mid-century motifs of the late 1970s.

Notable Features:

  • A unique, criss-cross pineapple pattern pressed on the glass
  • Grooved pineapple motif on the handle’s head
  • Measures 7-inch (height) & 3.5” (diameter)
  • Available in two colors – clear glass & cobalt blue
Average Price (Clear Glass Color)50 cents – $10
Average Price (Cobalt Blue Color)$5 – 50
Manufacturing Year1970s
MaterialTinted Glass
ContentsPerfume or Cologne

How Old Are Avon Bottles?

Most of the collectible Avon bottles belong to the 1930 – 1960s era, making them 60 – 90 years old today.

Which is the Most Expensive Vintage Avon Bottle?

Avon’s spring-legged Mickey Mouse cologne bottle, worth $300 – 400, is the most expensive Avon bottle due to its original Disney license and composite body.

Where Can You Sell Old Avon Bottles?

You can sell your old Avon bottles in any local antique auction or on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Sotheby’s, and Etsy.

Avon bottles are one of the most abstract and in-demand glass collectibles in the antique market. And this list is a quick identification guide for anyone wanting to sort out the most rare and collectible ones from the millions of available Avon bottles!

Besides Avon bottles, even common old bottles, old Coke bottles, vintage glassware pieces, and depression patterns are worth a good deal! Explore my other guides to decoding the most collectible ones from the lot!

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